In the losing battle between bookstores (yes, even corporate ones) and the online world, another bookstore in Berkeley is closing its doors.

Almost a year after the original Cody’s Books closed its doors on Telegraph, the corporate monster that is Barnes & Noble is closing its Shattuck Ave location after today.

So yes, today’s the last day to go in there and get your extremely cheap and shitty Danielle Steel novels or your extremely cheap tenth copy of _The Da Vinci Code._

For one, Barnes & Noble is closing because the company wants to “consolidate” its shit. Company spokesperson Lenore Feder said:

bq. … there are other branches within five miles of the Berkeley location, including in Emeryville and El Cerrito, that can serve the community.

College students aren’t going to ride the bus or the BART to Emeryville or El Cerrito to go to a bookstore. It’s even worse than having the store on Shattuck Ave.

Second, the store says it didn’t have enough space to add a cafe or a newstand. Um, we know it’s a growing trend in all those corporate bookstores, but did we really need another Starbucks in a college town?

Well, whatever the reason the store failed, let’s just put another tally mark on the online side of this battle. And at least in Berkeley it’s Online: 2, Bookstores: 0.

Downtown Bookstore Will Shut Down Today [Daily Cal]


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