We really thought that the only people who made asses of themselves in the ASUC were the Student Action folk.

Well, not anymore. We came across this really cheesy “campaign” video of our NEW ASUC president, Van Nguyen, singing his heart out for all of you.

First, we have to say that the video up there was posted a day before this year’s elections, which took place April 11-13, if you didn’t remember. And second, just over 1,000 people have seen this (let’s just say) non-flattering video of President Nguyen.

What would have happened if the entire student body saw this video of Van? We really don’t know. Would it have affected the outcome of the election? Maybe. But who wouldn’t want to vote for a guy who sings his heart out for the ASUC? BTW, Van should totally send the video to American Idol.

But Van isn’t the only one to make a fool of himself.

Here’s another video from CalSERVE, this time it’s their celebratory video, after they defeated -evil- Student Action in this year’s elections.

Let’s just say that since the party is in power now, they should get a new camera guy and maybe they don’t need to hold hands in a circle anymore.

We also wonder if they got inspiration for the music for the video from the Critical Mass guys. Eh, probably not. They are associated with the ASUC.

emeritus said:
Jun 9, 2007 at 6:05 pm

Does the video actually use the n word at 1:57?