Last night, police found the bodies of a man and a woman lying on the ground outside a white car off of Wildcat Canyon Road in Tilden Park. Police also found the bodies of two children inside the car.

The Chron reports that investigators believe that the shooting may have been a murder-suicide.

bq. A Berkeley man is believed to have shot his two children and wife in the head before turning the gun on himself near Inspiration Point, said East Bay Regional Park Police Chief Timothy Anderson.

Police recovered a gun and a note at the site where the bodies were discovered.

While it looks like police already have an angle that they’re investigating, if you have any information, the police ask that you to call investigators at (510) 881-1833.

UPDATE: Berkeley family may be Tilden Park victims [Inside Bay Area]
4 found dead in Tilden Park [SF Gate]

First you have one blogger thrown out from a baseball game. Now another blogger has to pay, literally.

Yaman Salahi, an upcoming Berkeley junior, must pay $7,500 and $75 in legal fees to journalist Lee Kaplan for “interfering with business opportunities through defamation,” as the Daily Cal puts it.

Ouch. And we thought housing was rough.

Salahi started a blog called Lee Kaplan Watch to monitor Kaplan, who writes for There was an altercation, Kaplan found out about the blog, there was some hating, Kaplan sued for defamation and business interference, Salahi appealed the initial ruling and now we’re up to speed. It’s a long story.

Salahi best explains it on his own site:

bq. Lee Kaplan presented one allegation against me during the trial regarding defamation. In this regard he claimed that my website had the phrase “Lee Kaplan is a douchebag” and linked to another site with his face photoshopped on to gay porn.

What’s so wrong with gay porn, we ask? OK, so this is a serious issue. Not funny.

Salahi claims that Kaplan posted material saying that Salahi and the student group Students for Justice in Palestine “were affiliated with the American Nazi Party,” Salahi told the Daily Cal.

Isn’t that, well, um, kinda libelous too? But we’re not ones to point the finger of blame. Rather, we should learn from this, as Beetle suggests:

bq. [It] seems that the case being held in small claims court deprived him of many of the protections he would have received otherwise. We should note this as a lesson and try to keep these cases out of small claims court. We should also note that when being sued by many people, they know their way around the legal system well and we should definitely go find ourselves lawyers as early as possible, and try to use SLAPP law to cover the costs.

Salahi now has to come up with more than seven grand to pay the suit. He set up a PayPal donation, splitting the funds among his own cause and two other “progressive causes.”

Might we also suggest a new job opportunity?

Hmm. Perhaps not.

Court Rules in Favor of Writer in Suit Against Student Blogger [Daily Cal]
Homepage [Lee Kaplan Watch]
Houch [Beetle Beat]
Salahi discussion [UCB LJ Community]

So we guess that that source who told the Chron that DeVon Hardin would stay in the NBA Draft was a little overzealous. Maybe. Just a little bit.

The Mercury-News is reporting that Hardin, though he thinks he can be a first-round draft pick, has taken his name out of the NBA Draft and will return to Cal for his senior season.

bq. “It’d probably be in the early to late 20s, in that range,” the 6-foot-11 junior said of his projected 2007 draft status. “The kind of thing I was hearing was that I was in the mix with a couple guys. That means there’s no gaurantees. I feel like I can make that even better if I go back to school.”

Now his dad, Michael, thinks he can be a lottery pick in next year’s draft.

But let’s just forget about the draft now and talk about what this means for Ben Braun’s Bears.

Now Ryan Anderson won’t have to worry about guarding an opposing team’s best low-post threat. And with Hardin back, Cal gets one of the Pac-10’s best low-post defenders. No scrawny guard will want to venture into the paint if Hardin’s down there guarding the basket.

With Hardin back, we’re going to suggest that the Bears won’t be cellar-dwellers. But how will they fare? If Hardin can actually improve his offensive game, then Cal will be in the top half of the conference. If not? Then … the Ben Braun’s Bears won’t be cellar-dwellers.

Image Source: Julie Himes, Daily Cal
Earlier: Breaking: Hardin Will Sign With Agent, Remain in Draft
Hardin chooses to stay at Cal [Mercury-News]

Not that Daddy, you dirty minded freak. Your father. Papa. The old man.

Admittedly, he didn’t bear you through nine months of pregnancy, but (hopefully) he stuck around for that time period, despite the irritable ball of hormones which did bear you through nine months of pregnancy. And you know she wasn’t always the most pleasant person to be around.

Just remember to show your dad a bit of love today, not just getting him some generic department store crap. After all, he did somehow manage to put up with you. Hopefully. Unless he went to the store to get a pack of smokes . . . and never came back . . . on Christmas Eve . . . the bastard (sniffle).

Anyway, remember that this is the day to say thanks to Dad. Or Dads. Or Mom who used to be Dad (hey, it’s Berkeley).

Oh, and Dad? Can we borrow a couple of bucks?

Sources tell the Chron that center DeVon Hardin will make like Leon Powe, go pro and sign with an agent, forgoing his senior season with Cal.

Hardin, who has been traveling the country doing independent workouts for NBA teams, has until tomorrow to take his name out of the draft.

According to Hardin’s father, Michael, these workouts have gone well.

bq. “This whole situation is kind of fluid, so it’s too soon to say,” he said. “We’re hearing good news, and we’re getting some feedback that will be useful in making the decision, but there’s no decision yet.”

While there’s no question that Hardin is athletically gifted, it’s a little surprising to hear that he’s going to keep his name in the draft, given the fact that he broke his foot in December and missed most of the season.

But scouts have been ogling the Fremont, Calif., native’s physique and defensive abilities even before the season started. Even the so-called pundits took notice, with ESPN’s Chris Ford thinking Hardin could go as early as No. 27 to the Detroit Pistons. also has a couple of writers who think Hardin will be a late first-rounder, while has Hardin as a high second-round draft pick.

This of course is contrary to what Hardin told Inside Bay Area News a couple of weeks ago, sort of, when he said that he would probably come back to the Ben Braun’s Bears for his senior season.

We guess that two weeks, especially two weeks of workouts, can change a lot of things.

Image Source: Julie Himes, Daily Cal
Earlier: Hardin Thinking About Coming Back to Cal
Hardin expected to announce NBA plans [SF Gate]

It’s been a hot week. This isn’t supposed to happen in Berkeley.

All the recent fire activity isn’t really helping either. Can it please rain or something? Or can people stop lighting shit on fire?

According the police logs, apparently not.

Saturday, June 9, 2007
11:00 p.m., Sproul Hall: A female, 22, and a male, 33, found participating in lewd conduct.

We need more details than this. Come on, there’s nothing good on TV and “lewd conduct” alone does not suffice.

Monday, June 11, 2007
4:43 p.m., Bowles Lot: Alameda County Fire Department responded and extinguished a dumpster fire. The cause was charcoal disposal. No damage.

Sorry to disappoint, but you can’t really barbecue in your dumpster.

Tuesday, June 12, 2007
12:01 a.m., Memorial Stadium: Confiscation of rope hanging from a tree.

But how will the Treewoks get down? Oh well. They’ve been there for more than half a year already. Might as well stay.

1:30 p.m., West Crescent: Four minors, including two 16-year-old females, a 17-year-old male and a 15-year-old male, found starting a fire via burning paper.

Seriously, ants are so much more fun to burn.

PoLo is compiled from the UC Police Department’s online Daily Activity Bulletin.
Earlier: PoLo: Post-Finals Stress Lingers

Yes, you read that right. Earn some extra moola this summer (and maybe even the fall.)

See the lovely picture? That could be you, if you were a Clog blogger.

Being a part of the Clog involves:
* posting at least four times a week
* attending a weekly meeting
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Oh, and let’s not forget having to work really, really hard when rating gelato and ice cream.

If you’re interested in earning dinero, in writing in general and in contributing to the Clog, please email us at [email protected] with the following:

1. Name, year and contact information
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And it’s that simple. We’ll give priority to those who respond the fastest, so hurry up!

The best (or in most cases, worst) of Berkeley’s blogosphere.

* The Daily Squelch

We love The Heuristic Squelch. They are all funny people. We’re excited about their latest adventure, but it still needs a little more tweaking.

* UC Berkeley LiveJournal Community

When faced with the ultimate decision of Barack versus Hilary, the students choose … Hilarack. Sharpton. Neither.

* Beetle Beat

Beetle chastises ASUC senators for being kinda high and mighty and for not knowing the bylaws as well as he does. We’re beginning to think his candidacy wasn’t such a joke after all.

* Facebook

Remember when we harped on the class of 2011? Well, they’re at it again, except this time they’re making a popular clique. Has anybody told them this is nearly impossible in a school this size? Or that their antics are, like, so high school?

* Bears Necessity

The video’s old news by now, but thanks anyway, BN. We’re not so sure he understands this video (unlike Beetle’s candidacy) is, in fact, a joke.

Things are heating up, and no, we’re not just talking just about the weather.

The Daily Cal and Inside Bay Area News reported on two fires that caused significant damage to two structures Wednesday.

The first fire occurred at 920 Heinz Avenue, which happens to be an old abandoned warehouse and the future site of a new Berkeley Bowl. This fire happened sometime in the afternoon.

While we don’t know why there was a fire there, there had been opposition to the new Berkeley Bowl. Or maybe it was just a way to start the construction project early.

The second fire hit closer to the Cal campus, as a three-alarm fire engulfed a house on College Avenue. College Avenue itself was closed for eight hours while firefighters battled the blaze. Just think about what traffic was like. Traffic sucks already on College, but to have it closed off for eight hours?

This is kind of a tragic story. The woman who owns the house was almost finished with her 18-year renovation plan, according to the Daily Cal. All that hard work … wasted!

But all this talk of fires and all of this heat just makes us want to eat some ice cream. Well, yeah, we did that already.

Image source: Skyler Reid, Daily Cal
Two Berkeley fires cause severe damage [Inside Bay Area]
Fire Engulfs House on College [Daily Cal]

Remember when, a long time ago, there was this company called Enron? Remember that this company, Enron, was a giant among men in the energy business? Remember when Enron pretty much screwed over its employees, investors and the state of California in 2001?

Yeah, the University of California still wants its money back. How much? Well, the university lost about $145 million.

UC is appealing all the way to the U.S. Supreme Court in a battle against three banks tied with the whole Enron fiasco.

The university is the lead plaintiff in the case against Merrill Lynch, Barclays and Credit Suisse First Boston. There are about 50,000 other plaintiffs also in the case.

But why only these three banks? Weren’t there other banks? According to UC spokesperson Trey Davis, some of the other banks have settled outside of court to the tune of about $7 billion.

Still UC and the other plaintiffs say that the banks were also responsible and knew of Enron’s shadiness and didn’t do anything to stop the energy giant.

We’re not legal scholars, so we really don’t know if the highest court will take this up and if they do, whether or not they will favor on the side of UC and the other plaintiffs.

Our guess, the Supreme Court won’t hear the case. But that’s just our guess. We’re actually really hoping that this goes to the Supreme Court. It’d be nice to get some of that money back.

UC Appeals Enron Bank Case to Supreme Court [Daily Cal]

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