No, the most dangerous place in Berkeley is not your lecture hall during an O-Chem final. It’s not Eshleman Hall during an earthquake either.

Where is it then? In the hills, alive with the sound of residents totally freaking out.

East Bay Express reports that the Panoramic Hill neighborhood is at risk:

bq. It’s up where million-dollar homes are vulnerable to fires and earthquakes, and where the only road in or out is a one-lane street too narrow and winding for a full-size fire truck, let alone a smooth escape route for panicking residents.

Oh, the troubles of living in a million-dollar home. On a hill. With just a terrible view of the bay.

OK, so living in the Panoramic Hill area isn’t all peachy keen. Apparently, it’s long overdue for an alternate access road. According to EBE, Berkeley wanted to consider the feasibility of the road in the ’50s and then again in the ’70s. But nothing ever came of it.

Maybe this time around, the city will look into doing something about increasing the safety (or at least decreasing the risk) of the neighborhood.

But the more important point is does any Berkeley student even really care?

Probably not, considering half of you are in SoCal right now.

A Dangerous Place [East Bay Express]

Avinash said:
Jul 5, 2007 at 10:12 pm

Never thought living on a fault line would be dangerous. Nope. Never crossed my mind.

kfed said:
Jul 5, 2007 at 10:44 pm

Some of us are where the seismograph was invented, where, oddly enough, the major tremors are from Hostess addicts grabbing another Twinkie from the kitchen.