WOMB is a breakdown of thoughts gestating at UC Berkeley as revealed through the Livejournal community.

People are obsessing over school, and it hasn’t even started yet. If you think about it, school hasn’t even ended yet (for summer sessions). LiveJournal certainly catches this trend as increasingly more students fret over schedules, money and pizza too.

Even one of our own posts was a relative hit this week. Who knew that mirrored rooms would be so intriguing?

Of course, we were looking for an area to practice some dancin’. Really, we were. One commenter had a dirty mind:

bq. dance practice? for some reason mirrored room gave me other ideas.

One student needed help deciding between Poli Sci with Professor Gregor, “the entertaining jerk,” or English with Professor Bishop, “the loveable guy with public speaking anxiety.” Either one looks good, but we’d have to go for Gregor—mostly because we could totally sell the dude some books.

Other students (not necessarily looking to cash in) recommended Gregor, prizing entertainment over education:

bq. Gregor is a nutcase. When I took him, a girl walked in late on the first day of class and sat on the stairwell. He told her to take a real seat, and when she didn’t move he asked her if she understood English (this girl was Asian, mind you). What followed was a chorus of “OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO”s from the rest of the class.

If you do take Gregor’s class, make sure never to be late. Also, turn off your cell phone, and don’t fall asleep. Additionally, debate with him only during office hours and not in class. He’ll kick you out of lecture for any of these infractions. Sometimes, he’ll throw in a personal insult in the process.

Actually, we’d just suggest going to class three times the entire semester—for the first day, the midterm and the final. Or just take the Daily Cal crossword/sudoku to bide time.

Seriously, though, we’d rather stare at pictures of kitties. Don’t make us think about school just yet.

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