So the snide and relentlessly contrarian Christopher Hitchens (that British guy who promotes his “God is Not Great” book on a million talk shows) is tackling his latest issue with the aid of the Daily Cal. In his most recent editorial, Hitch linked the DC’s coverage of the slaying of a prominent Oakland journalist and focused on its connection to Your Black Muslim Bakery.

It’s the third graph from the bottom for you obsessive clickers of online mag links. Kudos on the Slate worthy journalism, Daily Cal. Too bad Beetle doesn’t seem to like the coverage. Or maybe he does? You can never tell with Beetle these days …

Oh, and we almost forgot to add that the Hitch piece is somewhat provocative. We wonder if the police will respond to his criticisms.

Brutality by the Bay [Slate]
Arrests Made in Slaying of Oakland Reporter [Daily Cal]


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