We caught glimpse of a handful of new posters around the west side of Memorial Stadium today. We hadn’t noticed them before, though it’s likely they’ve been standing tall and proud for a while.These posters stand exactly in front of–what else?–the oak grove. Each shows a different sport, but the bottom line’s the same.”Building passion,” this poster says. “The student-athlete high performance center” is, evidently, “coming soon to Cal.” We assume this means the center will feature a hippies-in-oak-trees atrium. To the right, the PR machine strings together UC Berkeley into “Buildings Champions.” For more information, the poster directs its public to stadiumcampaign.berkeley.edu.Yes, Treewoks, a successful football team may not stop global warming, but neither does sitting around in trees all day. We’re just saying. Plus, the site’s got a (ginormous) tree-friendly PDF that apparently separates fact from fiction. What’s your array of colored chalk going to do about that?Image Source: Christine BordenHome Page [Campaign for Student-Athletes]


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