So the tree-sitters can stay, at least for the moment, and our seasoned faculties (from lofting our brains instead of our poop buckets) can’t understand why. As Beetle so aptly put it, isn’t it just trespassing?

After arduous back and forth over the trees at Memorial Stadium, Superior Court Judge Richard Keller believes too little time has been given for each side to review complaints against the protestors, so they’ll reconvene in October. Really? Haven’t there been sanitation concerns since at least March?

But we guess it wouldn’t be Berkeley without controversy around replanting a small grove of trees in the name of recruiting student athletes.

We did call it, though. If, by it, you mean that it would continue to be annoying and dramatic and totally not zen.

Frankly, The Clog is running out of things to say about it.

Image Source: Allen Rodriguez, Daily Cal
Judge Delays UC Bid to Clear Oak Grove [Daily Cal]


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