In light of BB gun incidents and tree drama, The Clog would like to ease the collective tensions of our readers with some (belated) back-to-school Facebook searches.

We spent our feverish sick day scouring Facebook for some interestingly-titled, ironic or otherwise non-obvious groups that you or your friends might be impressed by enough to join. Call it free advertising or a subversive revolution of low taste—we don’t care. We just thought they were funny.

* Old Lady Syndrome points us to the origin of this delightfully offensive group.

* And then we found Homestar Runner’s fan group.

And for those Comcast subscribers out there, meet the Slowskys:
* The Slow Party’s official Facebook group
* Those who wish they were a Slowsky (though for their sake we hope not while writing their last final at 3 a.m.)
* These fans push it good enough for the largest Slowsky fan group membership on Facebook.

And speaking of commercials, don’t forget the catchiest one on cable.

If you’re too cool for cable or too busy showing off your sneakers, you might not be addicted to Girlfriends, but maybe you cozy up with Sudoku after downing a jar of peanut butter. Or not.

The biggest lesson to be learned is not that people are so diverse, or even that they’re secretly all the same. The lesson here is that there are a lot of Facebook groups, and this is just the beginning.

biz said:
Oct 24, 2007 at 11:08 pm

here’s an interesting twist on Cal groups: