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Lightening Up: Obscure Facebook Groups to Impress Your Hipster Friends

Posted By Krista Lane On Sep 14, 2007 @ 1:24 am In Sandbox | Comments Disabled

In light of BB gun incidents [1] and tree drama [2], The Clog would like to ease the collective tensions [3] of our readers with some (belated) back-to-school Facebook searches.

We spent our feverish sick day scouring Facebook for some interestingly-titled, ironic or otherwise non-obvious groups that you or your friends might be impressed by enough to join. Call it free advertising or a subversive revolution of low taste—we don’t care. We just thought they were funny.

* Old Lady Syndrome [4] points us to the origin [5] of this delightfully offensive [6] group.

* And then we found Homestar Runner’s [7] fan group [8].

And for those Comcast subscribers out there, meet the Slowskys [9]:
* The Slow Party’s [10] official Facebook group
* Those who wish [11] they were a Slowsky (though for their sake we hope not while writing their last final at 3 a.m.)
* These fans push it [12] good enough for the largest Slowsky fan group membership on Facebook.

And speaking of commercials, don’t forget the catchiest one [13] on cable.

If you’re too cool for cable or too busy showing off your sneakers [14], you might not be addicted to Girlfriends [15], but maybe you cozy up with Sudoku [16] after downing a jar of peanut butter [17]. Or not [18].

The biggest lesson to be learned is not that people are so diverse, or even that they’re secretly all the same. The lesson here is that there are a lot of Facebook groups, and this is just the beginning.

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