Berkeley may be back, considering the veritable flurry of recent protests.Between GSI near-strikes, tree people and the last few years’ worth of ruined convocations at the hands of picket-sympathizing speakers, there seems to be little room left in our overextended hearts to care about protests over the BP deal or I-House working conditions.And while we do care about trees and alternative energy research and living wages and other liberal hippie crap like that, we feel we are lately simply inundated with protests.At this rate, it looks like people in Berkeley are protesting for no other reason than to be contrary about everything in this world that has wronged them.The Clog (or at least this Clogger) could likely find ways to care less about whether the athletic department gets new facilities or the GSI’s union pressures the university for more money. We fully support free speech and human rights and all the rah rahs that come with that, but we find ourselves commiserating with the sentiments of Dangierre, who suggests the protesters “get their heads out of their asses.”Maybe we wouldn’t be quite so harsh on our activist brethren. But the medium’s message these days is just so … Free-Speech-Movement cliche. Perhaps “ration the rally call” or “choose battles wisely” is more our style.Image Sources: Justin Gonzaga, Yaou Dou, Daily Cal; edited by Krista Lane40 protest UC Berkeley research deal with BP [SF Gate]Employees Protest I-House Conditions [Daily Cal]Hundreds Rally In Support of ‘Jena Six’ [Daily Cal]

Tommy said:
Oct 8, 2007 at 11:53 am

I totally agree with you. I do support a lot of the things the protesters are railing against, but I just don’t like the way they go about it. In this case, it really isn’t the message, it’s the messengers. I think the hippies really need to think not only about the message they are trying to get across, but how they are presenting this message. Most people are somewhere in the middle rather than over in the far left or far right (yes, even in Berkeley). The most important things to most people are their families, their daily bread, and how they’re going to spend their precious weekends. If the protesters kept this in mind and presented level-headed arguments in a non-confrontational way, I think they would be able to count more people on their side rather than a few fellow hippies who are out to “fight the man.”