According to city officials, Zachary RunningWolf hasn’t filed paperwork to begin the process of recalling Mayor Tom Bates. Or maybe he has–maybe he forgot a cover letter, or perhaps, oh, he sent the letter through the mail instead of delivering it in person. Sucks. Those stamps are expensive now, you know?

Julie Sinai, an aid to the mayor, explains that a letter asking for a recall must be delivered in person in order to be legally acknowledged. The Daily Cal reports:

Sinai said that if RunningWolf attempted to send the notification by mail, it would arrive in the citywide mailroom and could not be properly certified.

RunningWolf said that the mayor’s office may have intentionally ignored his attempt to recall Bates. Of course, the letter has reach the mayor’s office first in order to even be considered for proper ignoring.

Oh, RunningWolf, you are an absolute character! Seriously. Without you, what would the Clog write about? Nate Longshore’s neglected blog? Pshno.

We must say–in all earnestness too–RunningWolf is looking good. Yes, we know we’ve used this picture before, but damn it if we aren’t amazed by his jacket’s vivid blue. Plus, there are two wolves on the front–that’s just too much!

Image Source: Jessica Kuo, Daily Cal
News in Brief: Paperwork Incomplete for Runningwolf’s Attempt to Recall Mayor [Daily Cal]
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