We humanities majors don’t ordinarily pay attention to new scientific studies, but this one just happened to be relevant to what we theoretically should do each night: sleep.

Last week’s release of a UC Berkeley study revealed that sleep loss is correlated to deteriorated mental health–or, more specifically, psychiatric disorders. And even more scientifically, it points to increased activity in the parts of our brains controlling alerts to our logical reasoning, making the sleep-deprived more sensitive to stress and prone to overreaction.

It’s nice to think that we have a medical excuse for being irritable during midterms, but it doesn’t compare to the spiderwebs-on-different-drugs experiment we read back in Drugs and the Brain class.

Sleep loss linked to psychiatric disorders [UC Berkeley Newscenter]
Lack of sleep linked to emotional imbalance, imaging study suggests [SF Gate]

Kimberly Molok said:
Jun 19, 2009 at 11:14 am