Several members of the Berkeley City Council abstained from voting on a matter concerning nine highly contested new cell phone towers (uncertified examples pictured above) for two companies, Verizon and Nextel.

Naturally, many Berkeleyans opposed to the towers believe the cell towers will cause irreparable damage to the landscape and radiate our already Nuclear-Free-Vegan-Save-the-Trees liberal minds.

Others are just sick and tired of crappy phone service.

But the City Council doesn’t seem as ambivalent about subsidizing solar panels for city residents–it’ll discuss on Nov. 6 a plan to purchase solar panels for residents who will reimburse the city through increased property taxes.

Houses with such modifications could use almost exclusively solar energy to power their homes. That kind of self-sustainability could increase their property values and reduce greenhouse gas emissions AT THE SAME TIME OMG IT’S SO ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY.

The plan doesn’t, however, address the some 40 percent of Berkeley residents who rent their housing, which doesn’t make it quite so attractive.

Either that, or it’s just another reason Berkeley residents who own their homes can stick up their noses at the renters.

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