Cal Dining just birthed a new babe, and its name is Common Grounds. All you central campus denizens, rejoice! The new establishment is located on floor F in 370 Dwinelle Hall (not that you know where that is), and it offers a fairly nice selection of Peet’s Coffee favorites–including iced beverages and various other roasts. Furthermore, it’s not meant to be a one-stop caffeine shop for overworked linguistics majors. As a former conference room, there is ample couch space for chillin’ on your laptop between classes. Oh, and they accept meal points.

The Clog visited when the new hot spot was already closed–their hours are 8 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.–so we’re not exactly sure if they sell pastries. We heard a rumor that they do, but there were no pastry selections on the menu board. In addition to the coffee bar, however, there’s a fridge selling sushi and your typical microwavable Japanese cuisine. No microwave included.

Contrary to Dwinelle Hall’s reputation of swallowing students in its merciless labyrinth of hallways and badly labeled floors, Common Grounds is actually quite accessible if you take the correct elevator. One tip: On the elevator down, remember that the main floor is floor C. Don’t press the star–you’ll end up in a scary storage room for mops and dead bodies.

In other news, we felt a little shaking around 8:04 p.m earlier tonight. Naturally, we had to hit up the Berkeley LiveJournal to see if anyone else was freaking out, besides us. They were.

Well, at least we weren’t lost in Dwinelle Hall.

Image Source: Patrici Flores
Common Grounds [Cal Dining]
was that an earthquake, or my neighbors? [UC Berkeley Livejournal]


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