Ok, so perhaps no one was calling it the messiah of the admissions process. Well, at least no one we know. (Though Ricardo Vazquez in the UC Newsroom seemed pretty stoked about it).

Really, StatFinder didn’t come to redeem the admissions process. But like the iPhone, it has some nice things about it that just make life a bit easier.

The University of California is smitten with this new Web site of theirs, calling it a

bq. first-of-its-kind Web site for a public university that will allow anyone to access and search a wealth of admissions data with a few simple clicks of a mouse.

And, that’s, well, true. There are more than 50 tables, breaking down data on admissions by high school GPA, ethnicity, college GPA, SAT scores, parent income and parent education, among others things.

The university sees “reporters, parents, counselors, policy makers and others interested in this information” accessing this information. Notice that they include “parents” but not “applying students.”

Perhaps it’s come to this point where Mom and Dad are more interested in the competition of college than the kiddies and thus commandeer the application process for their offspring.

Like the iPhone, the application has minor inconveniences … Doesn’t increased accessibility to admissions data only encourage increased competition in applying for colleges?

Oh well, at least we all already got into Berkeley. And at least we aren’t comparing StatFinder to the Nokia N800.

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