Last week we revisited the dead, and well, we’re still stuck in the past. Or maybe we’re so far embedded in our present that we completely forgot about our own birthday.

As of Oct. 16, we are officially one year old. What did we look like at such a tender age, one year back? So glad you asked. Voila:

  1. ASUC Meeting this Wednesday at 7
  2. Bears Ranked No. 10 in First BCS Poll
  3. Breaking News: Three Senators Withdraw Support for SB 51
  4. Clogging Berkeley: Real News Edition
  5. Cal Sports Quiki

Those were simpler times. Oh, how we’ve grown! (Perhaps for the worse.)

But maybe we didn’t forget our birthday after all. Maybe our first post ever wasn’t the day we were born, but rather the day we were conceived. And the ensuing posts were our gestation period. And then our real birthday was our first live post ever. This blog thing is so confusing.

On Nov. 8, 2006, Jonathan Yorde, founding blog editor, wrote on going live:

Today marks the official debut of The Daily Clog, a tragic name for self-important, postmodern yellow journalism in proximity to UC Berkeley.

For those new to the blogosphere, we cover what’s already been covered or what wasn’t worth covering the first time around. We aren’t original, particularly witty, or even slightly useful. We just are. Like dust, but jaded and oddly magnetic.

At least some things haven’t changed. And note the date: Nov. 8. Perhaps we didn’t miss our birthday after all?

Who cares anyway? Let’s just eat cake.

Image Source: Anna Hiatt, Daily Cal
Is This Thing Live? [Daily Clog]
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