Our mothers told us not to say anything at all if we couldn’t say something nice, but something has to be said for the latest tree people antics at the Nuclear-Free-Vegan-Save-the-Trees Zone. Just days after a second fence went up, a second nude photo shoot and a tree-sitter fell 30 feet (who, by the way, was ordered Tuesday to stay away from the NFVSTTZ), tree people had to go and get themselves arrested to, you know, make their case more credible.

We’re looking at almost a year since the tree people first set up camp, and frankly, that’s almost a year too long. It doesn’t surprise us that they haven’t left, but we only welcomed their presence once (OK, twice). They’ve shat on police, ignored 23,000 other trees on university property, vandalized the oaks themselves, been legally kicked out of the trees (twice) and, in the wise words of one of our roommates, are basically “a hot ghetto mess.”

Sigh. At least we like Berkeley squirrels. Oh, wait.

Image Source: Skyler Reid, Daily Cal
Three Arrested, Fence Damaged After Altercation at UC Berkeley Oak Grove [Daily Cal]
Injured Tree-Sitter Served With Stay-Away Order [Daily Cal]
Berkeley oak grove scene of scuffle, arrests [Inside Bay Area]


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