Found deep in the recesses of an unsuspecting freshman’s dorm room were broken remnants of an ancient fermented chocolate beverage, once thought to be an ordinary hot chocolate.Researchers, including one from UC Berkeley, believe the miraculous find proves the textbooks we read as elementary and high schoolers are wrong–for more than just falsely alleging that Pluto was a planet.As it turns out, Central American peoples have been hitting the bottle with cocoa, or at least cacao, since 1100 B.C., predating our AP World History textbook (and its “facts”) by nearly 500 years. Alcoholic chocolate seems today almost a novelty, but to those preceding the Olmecs, it’s just another thing on the menu.At least the discovery wasn’t actually made among a student’s possessions, unlike a certain notable artifact of far less interest.In any case, we hope students continue to drink responsibly, but knowing the intellectual curiosities of the collegiate persuasion (or the quasi-journalistic curiosities of the Clog), we imagine moldy hot chocolate could very well be the next smell to pervade dorm halls, the Clog desk or your Thanksgiving dinner table.Image Source: Edited by Krista LaneAlcoholic Drink a Thing of the Past [Daily Cal]

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