KRON Channel 4 News must’ve assumed that it would be hard for Berkeley students to go away for Thanksgiving break–sure, it’s nice to be away from impending midterms, but how will students deal with not knowing what is happening in the Nuclear-Free-Vegan-Save-the-Trees Zone?So KRON 4 took it upon themselves to make the tree-sitters accessible even when you’re watching TV in your Thanksgiving food coma. And the Clog is making sure that you are updated on every move the tree-sitters make … er, don’t make. Because we know that no one can ever get enough of the tree-sitters.This tree-sitter antics are a new holiday twist on the usual. Protest slogans are adapted for the holidays, such as “Home is Where the Tree Is” and “Civil disobedience is what the holidays are made of.”And traditional Thanksgiving activities, like donating food to families (er, tree-sitters) in need, have new meaning in the NFVSTTZ. Because the tree-sitters are violating the law, those who help them face jail time as well.But police just looked on this time, saying that “you have to pick your battles.” Maybe the tree-sitters should adopt that policy too.Thanksgiving in a Tree [YouTube]


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