Jon Wilner of the San Jose Mercury News recently pulled a Debbie Downer on the Cal-Stanfurd rivalry, saying, “My premise was that on the 25th anniversary of The Play, the Cal-Stanford rivalry is a fading blip on the rivalry radar.” His reasons?

The stakes are rarely high, the games usually aren’t close, and there hasn’t been a major upset in decades.

Without those three elements (stakes, competitiveness, upsets) you have a second-rate rivalry.

Well, while Wilner continues to see scholastic rivalry in purely athletic terms, we Cloggers are busy uniting our people against a good, old-fashioned common enemy. So put on your blue and gold best, in the name of Cal pride! Besides, let’s be honest–at this point in the lovely season, is Big Game spirit really about the football?

Not really. Four-fifths of the Clog staff doesn’t even care for the game. However, our sentiments are mostly in line with one passionate Cal fan’s romantic defense for our beloved rivalry.

Nothing matches Big Game Week on the Cal campus. Blue and gold lights everywhere. Band performances. Night rallies. And of course, the Bonfire Rally at the Greek.

Also, we can’t forget Oski’s showdowns with the Stanfurd tree. Lovable mascots and hardcore school spirit tug at our gentle heartstrings sometimes.

Other times, they just makes us barf–at least when it’s coming from the other side. A recent foray into the long-winded boringness that is The Unofficial Stanfurd Blog turned up a disturbing “Beat Cal” photo contest, whose past participants take their photos in exotic locales like Paris, China and outer space.

Obviously, the tree has a bit of difficulty finding support ’round these parts.

It’s on, Stanfurd. It’s on!

Image Source: Blaire Bailey, Daily Cal
Cal and Stanford football: Is Big Game becoming irrelevant? San Jose Mercury News


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