In case you’ve been in a shell your entire time at Berkeley (basically every engineering student), the biggest bonfire west of the Mississippi River is here again. The Greek Theatre will be on fire on Friday with the annual Cal Bonfire Rally set to get underway at 7 p.m.

Everyone should be encouraged to come on down to the rally whether they are planning to attend the Big Game or not. For a couple of hours, Berkeley students will be able to forget the miseries they’ve accumulated over this past semester and share a few laughs, cheers and possibly a wave.

The Clog is getting psyched about what has become a traditional Haka—we’re going to be bringing our A-game after watching loads of All Blacks videos. If our football team put as much heart into their play as these former mic men put into their Haka, we wouldn’t be losing to the likes of Pac-10 cellar-dweller Washington.

Placing a close second to the Haka is the “freshmen more wood” ritual. After scouting this year’s wood tossers, we’re officially placing the line at five for number of times a crate doesn’t reach the fire.

The Clog would also like to applaud the UC Rally Committee for putting together the gathering, which also happens to be its only successful event all year (trust us on this). Be aware at all times while strolling on Sproul Plaza, and don’t get sucked in to attending another one of their happenings.

For those of you who will be attending your first bonfire, the Clog encourages you to sit as close to the pit as possible for the most intense experience. You can thank us later.

Image Source: Fir0002 under Creative Commons


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