Normally the Clog doesn’t buy into PR gimmicks, but we can never resist mocking something. When a delightfully deserving PR gimmick falls into our laps, then we’ve hit paydirt.

This week we received an e-mail from Diana, a marketing/PR coordinator for For a moment we thought we happened upon a great tip, even better than learning of Nate Longshore’s blog:

Marshawn (Lynch) just put up his first post (on his Yardbarker blog) the other day, and, well, it’s pretty awesome. As a Cal alum, I think the students would really enjoy checking out his blog, so I’m writing again to see if we can work together to get the word out to them.

Intriguing … Diana continues with her forthrightness:

It would be great to give Marshawn some attention in the Daily Cal’s blog, as well as in the paper itself (publish an excerpt each time he posts).

Wait, what was that? “Publish an excerpt each time he posts”? Can we please liveblog every time he scratches his butt or picks his nose too? Lynch was a great player for the Bears, but somehow we don’t think his “awesome” posts are that newsworthy:

whats good yardbarkers what it do its ya local neighborhood running back outta OAKLAND….in buffalo playin for da bills…if u looked at da headline reading DAMN its cause ive been out 4 da past two weeks and its been hurting me not to b out der wit ma teammates even if we losing….i just cant wait til i can get back out der wit ma bra bras (teammates)

Sorry, we just can’t get over “bra bras.” Neither could someone else on Yardbarker, someone who decided to bleach out any bit of personality from Lynch’s post and “correct” it:

Good afternoon, everybody(everyone, friends, people, etc.). How is it going? I am Marshawn Lynch, the running back for the Buffalo Bills out of Oakland, California. I decided to title this article DAMN because I have been out for the past couple weeks and it is starting to irritate me. I realize right now we are not doing that well but my team needs me and I want to be out there. I cannot wait until I can go back to practice and be with my teammates.

LAME, we say. Bring on the awesomeness! (Just don’t run it in the paper.)

Image Source: Linda Zhu, Daily Cal
DAMN [Yardbarker]
DAMN by Marshawn Lynch Re-Written With 3 Semesters of a College Education [Yardbarker]

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