Inspired by the Big Game breathing down our necks, the Clog decided to peruse The Stanford Daily and found an alumnus of ours riding Berkeley pretty hard.

Howard Loo, who attended both Stanford (B.S. 1997) and Berkeley (J.D. 2003), decided to bash Berkeley students for their rendition of the national anthem in an Op-Ed article. He cited students for their lack of respect for our nation on account of alterations to the national anthem.

After reading the article, the Clog had a nice laugh at Loo’s expense. Somehow in the middle of his blind patriotism, he mistook the harmless exuberance of Cal fans as a ploy against the nation and Stanford. Searching for meaning in every word should be left to close readings of Thoreau—replacing the word “red” with “blue” does nothing to change the spirit of the Star-Spangled Banner.

Along the way of eloquently arguing his point, he made several remarks that caused the Clog to question Boalt’s admissions panel. First off, this is by no means a new tradition. To the Clog’s knowledge, Berkeley students have been singing this version for years now.

Guess Loo never got around to attending a sporting event during his time at Cal—he was too busy reminiscing about Stanford’s dorm life. Seriously though, he needs to get out more.

Loo also made sure to clarify issues that have been in the dark for years.

I was appalled, disgusted and shocked by the concerted efforts of Cal students to disrupt the singing of our (both Stanford and Cal’s) national anthem.

Really Loo? Do we actually share the same national anthem as Stanford? All this time we thought they were busting out “O Canada” down on the farm.

To close, Loo encouraged Stanfordites to remain classy and not stoop to level of Berkeley students. The Clog is guessing that in his bible, peeing on the opposition’s grass and making band formations in the shape of penises is the respectful thing to do.

Go Cal! Don’t stop singing now!

Image Source: Aselman under Creative Commons
Op-Ed: Cal fans sink to a new low [The Stanford Daily]


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