When a Berkeley death resulted from a train collision in November, the Clog deemed it an unfortunate one time accident. But once someone else gets hit less than three weeks later, we think a warning label of some sort is in order. Rather than be good citizens and post such a warning label on Berkeley train tracks, however, the Clog would prefer to sit back in our swivel chairs and utilize the power of the Web to do what we do best–post on the blog about it.We don’t know the details of how the most recent train death occurred. However–be warned, and be wary. Please don’t cross train tracks without looking both ways.The Clog came across an interesting tidbit from blogger Dave at California Golden Bear Football News while researching these train track tragedies. In 2005, a 28-year-old man named Scott Slaughter was in a car that ran over Cal offensive lineman Mike Tepper. The train accident that took place in mid-November killed a man named Scott Slaughter.Interesting indeed.Woman fatally struck by Amtrak train in Berkeley[Contra Costa Times]Railroad Points to City After Fatal Accident [Daily Cal]


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