Your mommy told you not to, but there is nothing more intriguing than talking to strangers. First, there was that Japanese pen pal you abandoned in fifth grade, after you realized that French pals were more trendy. Later on in life, Post Secret came along for you to divulge your dirtiest secrets. Now, UC Berkeley LiveJournal user sporkly wants us to send “pirate mail” to random people–without the aid of an address. How, you ask? Sporkly explains:

So deadletter is coming back to the UC Berkeley, in January of this year. And for those who might remember our last hit on campus, we show up, put our signs everywhere, videotape people wondering _what_ the signs are about, and slowly increase our presence.

If you post your Pirate Mail address below, we will get some stranger to write you a letter, and then it will be delivered to some random person on campus. And perhaps it will get to you, and perhaps it will not.

At first, we struggled to find a good reason for the “deadletter” people, their ambiguous posters and the pre-campaign LiveJournal post. Google led us to think the basic intention is to market a lame e-mail filter a la the Boston Mooninite madness. Alas, it is not.


A pirate mail address is a description of you in terms of your network connections – who or where can we get mail to, which will then get to you?

Good formats for Pirate Mail addresses…
Name or Nickname
Place you are know or Group you are known by
Department/Major/Area of study (if helpful)
UC Berkeley
what you want someone to write you about

In layman’s terms: It’s just your great-grandma’s way of sending messages that has nothing to do with Facebook, 41 cent stamps or a three to five day delivery guarantee (or a delivery guarantee at all).

The Clog wants some pirate mail action! Feel free to send glowing praise below, in the usual comment box fashion. Hate mail, on the other hand, may be sent to our pirate mail address at:

The Clog
Blogging about tree-sitters, protests and a crappy football season
The Intraweb
UC Berkeley
Write about: How much you love us!

Pirate Mail? I Want Pirate Mail! [UCB Livejournal Community]


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