With the help of ABC News, Facebook now boasts a Politics Pulse to get the kids involved in the 2008 race. Today we highlight the top two candidates on Facebook for the Democrats and Republicans.

For the college-aged Republicans, Ron Paul steals the show, with almost 44,000 supporters on the site–that’s 34 percent of all the Republican supporters. The good ol’ doctor introduces himself with pride:

As a specialist in obstetrics/gynecology, I have delivered more than 4,000 babies.

Already he’s one-upped all those baby-kissing candidates. He delivers that baby, spanks it and then kisses it too.

In this particular demographic, Mitt Romney falls behind Ron Paul with over 22,000 supporters. He holds only 17 percent of the Republican interest, though that’s not from lack of trying. Romney currently lists “A Little Less Conversation (JXL Radio Edit Remix)” by Elvis Presley under his iLike application. That’s the way to America’s youth!

Even outside of party lines, Facebook shows Barack Obama as No. 1 among the college kids. Obama flaunts over 170,000 supporters (58 percent of Facebook Democrats). His profile is the most fleshed-out among his opponents, and it’s apparent he took the time to think out the details. As his favorite books, he notes:

* “The Bible,” to prove he’s got “values”
* “Lincoln’s Collected Writings,” to align himself with an honored president
* “Song of Solomon,” written by Toni Morrison–also supported by the most powerful force in America, a.k.a Oprah

Hillary Clinton comes in second as a Democratic candidate. Over 55,000 Facebookers support her, and she claims 19 percent of all Democratic supporters. Her profile is rather dull, but her wall makes up for whatever she lacks:

“Hillary doesn’t need Oprah. She has experience,” one wall-poster notes.
“I agree…Oprah doesn’t have anything on Hillary,” another one replies.

Do we hear a “Booyakasha”? Or is going against Oprah blasphemy?

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