Yeah, NSS. As if Berkeley would ever say “no” to some grass.

In the event of federal interference with dispensaries, Berkeley City Council urges opposition to and noncooperation with the Drug Enforcement Administration’s marijuana raids.

Is it news to you that weed is illegal? In a nutshell, the sitch’ is this:
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After discovering the latest omen of the world’s coming demise, the Clog encourages Berkeley students to put down their books and enjoy their short-lived time on Earth.

Bigfoot enjoys such activities as sunbathing, jai alai and checking the time

You know it’s truly the eve of Armageddon when even Bigfoot packs up and ships out to the next planet over. The Internet is abuzz with a recent picture released by NASA–a picture that seems to show an alien lady or Bigfoot waiting on a rock. Or it could be just a weird rock with a scraggly jutting formation, but that’s clearly not the case.
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What can you do with a major in art history? To answer this question, take a trip to the career website and look at the dreary post-graduation statistics for art history majors. It’s no wonder why Jon Markell–a Cal art history alumnus–chose the road of desperation by pursuing an adventurously profitable (albeit, temporary) starring role in “Indiana Jones and the Tax Deductible Artifacts!”

According to The Daily Californian, Jon Markell and his wife, Cari–both owners of the Silk Roads Gallery in Southern California–inflated the appraisals of stolen Southeast Asian artifacts for smuggler Robert Olsen. This allowed for profit whenever the couple assisted Olsen with museum donations, whose recipients may include the Berkeley Art Museum.

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Marge discovers feminism … and how to deliver the ultimate diss of academia. Click the image for the Jezebel video, or click the link at the end of the post. The insult comes at the end, but the whole clip is worth watching.

Image Source: Jezebel

Marge Simpson’s Brief Brush With Radical Feminism In The ’90s [Jezebel]

Au revoir!

First it was a 50% off clearance sale at card and gift shop Avant Card, squeezed between hipster heaven (Urban Outfitters) and the store that used to be Express at some point in the past. Now it’s come to this. We spied a handwritten “closed” sign on the door and peered in closer to see boxes on the floor and someone putting things away.

Where else are we going to buy bougie postcards? Where else are we going to find so much Bush-hating paraphernalia? (OK, so it is Berkeley.)

In all seriousness, the Clog will miss the store. Let’s pour one out for our homie.

Image Source: Christine Borden
Avant Card [Insider Pages]

BART riders, rejoice! If you’re picking up BART on Thursday, Jan. 31 sometime between 6 a.m. and 9 a.m., you’ll get to revel in free coffee. This year, Tully’s Coffee teams up with BART on BART Ride Thank You Day.

Expect to see volunteers handing out 50,000 coupons next week. Coupons will be good for a free latte or drip coffee. Yeah, you’ll need it if you’re riding BART that early.

Downtown Berkeley is among the participating stations. If you’re elsewhere that day, you can also pick up your coupon at Civic Center, Powell St, Montgomery St, Embarcadero and Oakland 12th St. Wake up and smell the free stuff!

Image Source: BART
Tully’s, BART thank you day Jan. 31 [BART]


Remember back when the university mail bot spammed our inbox, urging us to care about the University of California Undergraduate Experience Survey? Luring us in with cash prizes and free iTunes, they e-mailed us furiously until we were numbed by the false hope that we’d actually win something–if only if we took 20 minutes to answer the questionnaire.

Well, we took their survey and didn’t get anything, except for a report detailing common campus knowledge. Nevertheless, we suppose having empirically-researched data to back up your gossip is like having mace in your pocket at 2 a.m. on Dwight Way. You’ll need it, eventually.

Here’s a short ‘n sweet summary of the first four parts in the five-part UCUES results’ series.

Roots & Identity: This one is a snoozefest of demographic data–we basically have a good amount of rich kids and Asians on campus. “‘To discover what kind of person I really want to be’ is a ‘very important’ college goal” for 83% of soul-searching undergraduates.

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ZOMG, you’re a star

Saturday may be your day if you’ve ever dreamed of being on TV. Tomorrow, San Francisco will host two casting calls: one for “Real World” and one for Bravo’s new show “The Dating Project.”

The casting call for “Real World” will last from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. in Suite 181 in SF. Bring in a recent picture and a photo ID. Oh, and don’t be any older than 24, mmkay? Maturity not accepted here.

If you are over 24 years old (say, between 25 and 35) and you’re a guy, “The Dating Project” is more up your alley. The casting call opens at 1 p.m. and ends at 4 p.m. for both Saturday and Sunday. You can hit up the Bravo crew at Broadway Studios, but it’d be best to e-mail first at [email protected]. Tell ‘em your name and number and don’t forget that photo. You might be lucky enough to woo a “young Hollywood Starlet (sic)” in Hollywood Hills.

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Doth not sleep feel good?

While the big story today is the university being forced to empty out its pockets, we at the Clog are more interested in what really matters: sleep. We must start this semester off on a good foot by proactively reclaiming the sleep we all deserve.

Unfortunately, that sleep isn’t very much. Wired, however, offers some interesting tips to making every dozing minute count.

Wired recommends sleeping polyphasically, which is a big word for a lot of little naps. Here’s how:

1. Take a 20-minute nap every four hours.
2. Stick it out throughout the week.
3. When you start dreaming again, you’re golden.
4. Pray that there aren’t horrendous long term effects.
5. Don’t shoot the messenger when there are.

How to: Count Cards, Hang a Flatscreen, Sleep Two Hours a Day [Wired]

1308947567_d4febf951b_b.jpg There’s a little known community here on campus that no one knows about, mainly because the people supposed to be in it don’t even know it exists. We’re talking about the scores of students living outside the Berkeley bubble who travel five or more miles to get to campus every day: the commuter community of bussers, BART riders and drivers. We can tell you from experience that the life of extensive travel to and from school can not only be irritating, but often lonesome–as if no one shares in your daily struggles and everyone else gets to party all night while you’re busy trekking home to a warm bed (screw homework, commuting is tiring enough).

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