There’s been a drought of Berkeley news, but now it’s just pouring with stories.

One man dead and another injured in a Berkeley hills fire on Keith Avenue. The house was up in flames. Are candles to blame? It’s “speculative.” [SF Chron]

The Bay Area needs your blood (if you have type O-negative). The Blood Centers of the Pacific “literally had only three bags of O-negative blood on the shelves.” Finally! Something for Berkeley stragglers to do. [SF Chron]

One tortured man seeks to sue Boalt School of Law’s John Yoo … for $1. Yoo’s torture memo is held at fault, and the accuser wants Yoo to declare he acted illegally. [Chron again]

History prof Thomas Laqueur won a Mellon prize for his hip history research on topics such as reproductive biology, masturbation and more sex (and gender). He and UC Berkeley can find up to $1.5 million in their piggy banks soon. [NewsCenter]


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