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Today the Daily Cal launched its first publication for the year, complete with a Spring Orientation special issue and a new columnist situation. If you flip to page 3, you’ll be surprised to note no Sex on Tuesday. The column hasn’t been retired; rather, the application deadline is later this time around (Feb. 1) and you’ll get your first glimpse of that shiny, sexy face on Feb. 5.

Instead, there’s something different afoot. It seems election season is already upon us, and we get to test our voting might by choosing our next Monday columnist. Today featured Margeaux, but don’t get too cozy with her just yet—there are three other potentials waiting to claim the Monday spot. read more »

While you were missing us, here’s something else you might have missed: U.S. News’ The Paper Trail nominated yours truly as “Best Alternative Media Outlet.” They placed a similar honor on The Daily Californian’s Victoria Tang–nominated “Columnist of the Year” for her cheeky thoughts concerning male chivalry.

And as if the tree-sitters don’t get enough attention–they were nominated for being the biggest non-story of 2007 thanks to our extensively whiny coverage. We continue to lament the glacial pace of the judge’s deliberations, along with the tree sitters’ overall irksomeness.

It’s truly a delight for the Clog to be considered among the likes of many prominent Ivy League blogs like the Bwog and Gadfly–but uh, don’t vote for them. Apparently, there’s already some shady business going on with the competition.

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Voting Begins for Best of College Newspapers 2007 [U.S. News]

648.jpgYou and your wild imagination have probably spent the past few nights speculating about the absence of your dear Cloggers.

Maybe we tripped on Eucalyptus branches near Grizzly Peak. Maybe wild turkeys attacked us at the Lawrence Berkeley National Labaratory. Or perhaps there was a drama-charged showdown between us and our superiors, resulting in a premature end to the Clog!

Actually, it’s none of the above. We’re just going through a redesign, and will hopefully be back up by good old Martin Luther King, Jr.’s birthday.

In the mean time, just sit back and relax as we await the ultimate redesign unveiling. When we come back, we’ll be beautiful as ever. There might be a few kinks to work out–categories, tags and links may be wonky, but we’ll have them fixed in no time.

If you want to get a piece of Clog action when we return, remember that you can still apply to be one of us. See you soon!

ApocalypseAfter discovering the latest omen of the world’s coming demise, the Clog encourages Berkeley students to put down their books and enjoy their short-lived time on earth.

This feature has covered some crazy news from around the world, but this week’s story is truly mind-blowing and even had us stunned.

So off to Poland we go where we find ourselves at a brothel. (OK by merely the mention of the word “brothel” you know this story is going to be good.)
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Spring Welcome WeekOK, so it’s technically Spring Welcome Week.

Who are we kidding. If you’re a student, you’re probably not even back in Berkeley. If you are in Berkeley already, then you’re either here against your will, or you’re new to our beloved university. We at the Clog give our condolences to the premature death of your winter break. May it rest in peace.

In any case, we warmly welcome all you spring admits, transfer students, newly hired employees and perpetual Berkeley residents. You guys don’t get the excitement of a full-blown Welcome Week–complete with replete amounts of complimentary meals and excessively large club and business fairs–but who needs a Caltopia, anyway? They don’t even give away free BART tickets anymore. Yes, we’re still bitter about that.

Here’s a short list of some of the welcome-themed events going on this week. You can find more activities at UC Berkeley Events or at the Spring Welcome Week website.
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We Cloggers love Scrabulous. We proclaimed our love for the game long ago.

So the news that our favorite Facebook application might be shut down was not easy to swallow.

Hasbro wants Scrabulous to end because it too closely resembles the company’s board game Scrabble.

(Gee, it kind of does, doesn’t it?)
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UC BerkeleyThe University of California system is just not going to quit in its fight to stop a huge payout to 35,000 students who won a class action lawsuit.

Back in 2003, UC promised students that fees would not increase during their time at school. Surprise surprise, hikes came in the near future.

The UC is challenging this ruling, characterizing the judgment as flawed and unfair.
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The city of Berkeley is cracking down … on memorial park benches. The Chron reports that Tuesday the City Council will address the “glut” of memorial benches. Slow news day, huh?

To stop the overpopulation of these menacing benches, one proposal presents some criteria for memorial-worthiness:

* honorees dead for at least a year
* well-documented contributions from honorees to Berkeley and its parks
* approval from the Parks and Recreation Commission

Previously, donors could purchase benches for 1,200 bucks for anyone living or dead. The time has come to stop this madness.
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ClogGreetings, lovely readers. As a new semester paws at the Clog’s heels (pun intended), we’re preparing a spring full of scrumptious, high-cholesterol blog food for your reading pleasure. But before you can dive in, we need some fresh writing voices!

Major clog duties include:

* Posting at least four times a week
* Attending a weekly meeting
* Strong interest and/or involvement in Berkeley student life
* Writing with a confident voice, creativity and without errors

Does that sound like you? If so, send your goodies to [email protected].

Please include your name, year, contact information, and a few sample Clog posts. You may even send some posts from your own blog, if you have one. Note: no whiny LiveJournal entries about how you broke up with your boyfriend and consoled yourself with a chicken salad. Please.

Complete these two steps with flying colors, and you’re halfway toward becoming a bona fide Clogger! Oh, and you also get paid. But that’s not important to you, because you love to write. Right?

We’ll set the deadline to Feb. 1st to coincide with the Daily Cal recruitment schedule, but we suggest you apply as soon as possible. Hiring will be done on an as-we-go basis.

GmailAny successful Berkeley student knows that to get ahead you need to ditch the low-performing Calmail and fully embrace the Google lifestyle. Lifehacker has a snazzy download that integrates your Gmail with Google Calendar. Now you can see how little of a social life you actually have, stuck behind your computer screen.

Oh wait. That’s us.

Lifehacker even offers a script to modify the e-mail/calendar mating to your taste. You better get your life in order–you only have two weeks before your academic enslavement resumes.

Image (barely) Photoshopped by Christine Borden
Integrate Gmail and Google Calendar with Enhance Gmail [Lifehacker]

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