600px-sad_face.gifApparently, the protester currently known as “Fresh” knows when to follow his feline instincts and scurry up into the nearest tree. It also seems that he knows when to reason like a five-year-old.

“I was planning on leaving, but the officer chased me,” he told The Daily Californian, “so I climbed up the tree.” No, we’re not talking about that big tree in front of Wheeler Hall, the one already shouldering the burden of a massive sign. We’re talking about another nearby tree. read more »

volcom-party.jpg Expect a rainbow-haired crowd of punky Berkeley High School students and their university ilk to cram Volcom’s Telegraph Avenue location tonight. The store is having its Grand Opening Party, finally–complete with free beer, free crap and a live band, Totimoshi.

We’re sure the “Youth Against Establishment” clothier picked Berkeley as its Northern California location because of our historically anti-establishment vibes. And they did so at a perfect time, too–considering the treewoks, Code Pink and others are getting louder than ever. We wish Volcom luck as they traverse the currently shaky business district that is Telegraph Avenue, though we have no doubt they’ll be able to sucker lots of trendy activists into buying their overpriced fashion statements.

Alternatively, you could shell out $3 and head to Wheeler Auditorium at 7 p.m. or 9:15 p.m. to enjoy a screening of recent Academy Award winner and all-around awesome film, “No Country for Old Men.” We guarantee it will be better than last Friday’s screening of “Berkeley.”

Image Source: Volcom

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800px-yes_it_does.jpg Since many of you readers are hugely excited about the Mar. 3-8 “Reclaiming the Space” Week–during which down folks will “fuck shit up,” according to the Facebook invitation–we at the Clog decided to do a whole post dedicated to a subject quite dear to our, and presumably your, hearts.

Let’s talk about diversity! So, other than reclaiming the Multicultural Center, here are a few more recent items that have Berkeley bubbling about race issues:

UC Berkeley now has a $5 million Chancellor’s Chair in Equity and Inclusion that will help study ways to make people feel more equal and included. We personally believe that feeling included comes partially from the attitude of the “exclusive” group, partially from within yourself and partially from multi-culturally colored sofas in Heller Lounge. [Daily Cal]

Did you hear about Allen Jackson, the President of the NAACP Berkeley Chapter who claimed that all Berkeley police officers were out to kill as many black people as they can? His remarks came after Berkeley resident Anita Gay was shot by an officer two weeks ago. Apparently, the NAACP itself does not condone the President's remarks. Oh, overzealous activists--see, Code Pink? Look what you started. [Mercury News]

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So now that the Daily Cal opinion columnists all have a few columns out, what’s the verdict on the new O-team?

Dangierre says Billy Main has balls and the female Sex on Tuesday is “hot,” but he calls out the “politics guy and food dude” to crank it up. Beetle, though, picks on Taylor Fife, the de facto politics go-to. Yeah, yeah, so give us the deets on Thursday.

Fine, we’ll do it ourselves.

Robin Schramm–we’ll call him the stories guy–wrote today that he no longer wants to become a dinosaur. Instead he’ll opt for silverback gorilla:

1) You get to have a harem of female gorillas from which you can choose whom to impregnate 2) You get to be hairy and fat and eat bananas all day long, but with one grimace, everyone runs away screaming, and 3) Finally I would have an excuse for lying around naked all day long playing with myself.

Inventive mind, that Schramm, but too bad he’d be hung like a gorilla. Yeah, that’s 1.5 inches erect.

God, Bugs and Dinosaurs [Daily Cal]
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The Clog is impressed. Earlier today on Upper Sproul Plaza, Berkeley’s chapter of InterVarsity Christian Fellowship astutely recognized students’ eagerness to hate on religion–and turned it against them! (Gasp.)clog-stuff-021.jpg

There we were, minding our own business at the Golden Bear Cafe, when suddenly a sign hung on a clothesline (which was, incidentally, attached to the Daily Cal distribution kiosk-thing) caught our eye. “My issues with Christianity are,” it read. Our interest was piqued! An opportunity to pick our ever-festering bones with Christendom presented itself, at last. Below the big sign hung the words of our fellow religion-haters, a veritable rainbow of complaints written with care on note cards. We approached. read more »

Some more sitters of the tree variety set up shop outside Wheeler Hall today, but don’t get them confused with the Oakies. The new treewoks on the block sit for student activism, namely “democratization” of the UC Regents and condemning the BP deal.

OK, fair enough. We’re still not convinced that sitting in a tree will gain anything besides extra police patrolling.

But wait! There’s more! SFist tipped us to another tree-related protest scheduled for tomorrow. Called “Toilet-Trees” (oh so clever), the protest calls out Kimberly-Clark for its clear-cutting practices in producing tissue and toilet paper. In the copy of the press release, SFist points to the claim that “there will be great visuals and photo opportunities!”

Oh shit. Take a look for yourselves:
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The image “http://clog.dailycal.org/wp-content/uploads/2008/02/441px-accident_nehoda_uhersky_brod_2.jpg” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors. This just in: an unnamed 16-year-old teen flipped his SUV while driving illegally to school at 8:04 a.m. this morning. According to reports, the car careened out of control while turning from Martin Luther King Jr. Way onto Allston Way, flipped and then slammed into a cement planter. Luckily the planter was there, too, because it came between several thousand pounds of skidding metal and, well, Berkeley High School.

Police say that no one was injured as few people were on campus so early in the morning. The shaken driver is in a lot of doo-doo for driving that SUV without a license–otherwise, he’s fine.

Except for the part where he fled the scene of a hit-and-run in a completely separate collision. That one was perpetuated a few minutes earlier by himself when he sideswiped a car about a block from the high school before speeding off again. Now, if only Berkeley students were always that eager to get to class…

Berkeley Teen Misses Homeroom in Dramatic Style [Fox Reno]
Boy Flips SUV, Slides onto Berkeley Campus [Inside Bay Area]

http://clog.dailycal.org/wp-content/uploads/2008/02/holyfuck.jpgThose of us not busy purpling in academia’s headlock will be delighted to hear that Noise Pop XVI kicks off in San Francisco today and runs through to the end of the week. This year, the annual music festival – which, to its credit, stages a number of art and film exhibitions, as well – features bands like The Walkmen, Stellastarr*, The Magnetic Fields, Holy Fuck, The Mountain Goats, British Sea Power and MSTRKRFT (good luck pronouncing that one).

The word “festival” may be a bit of a misnomer, though, given the fact that the sets are staged at actual venues instead of the hastily constructed outdoor stages shaded by flimsy tents so characteristic of other festivals like Bonnaroo and Coachella. So unless you pay out of your nose for the $180 festival badge, you’ll need to shell out a cover fee for every band you see. But to be fair, who wouldn’t want to pay an exorbitant 12 bucks to bop all night long to electrostompers like LA Riots and Lazaro Casanova? Among, ahem, other innocuous verbs. read more »

2123658344_feceab3394_b.jpgVisualize Heller Lounge–yes, that huge, carpeted space at the bottom of the Martin Luther King Student Union. Chances are, you’ll picture it as what it honestly is to most of the student population. It’s a study lounge that sometimes closes off to hold events, thus pissing off the many people who usually read, eat or sleep there before class.

But Heller Lounge is not supposed to be all about about the comfy, drool-stained sofas! No, it’s also the temporary home to Berkeley’s Multicultural Center. If that’s news to you, you’re not the only one–but organizers across student groups are now coming together with a plan to change all that. This week, they’re charging up for a week of teach-ins that will lead into a flood of events during “Reclaiming the Space Week” Mar. 3-8.

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According to an ad in the Daily Cal today, “America’s Next Top Model” will come to the Bay Area tomorrow to hold open call auditions. Do you think your can handle the stilettos, the peroxide and Tyra’s weave?

Yes? Head over to Sheraton Fisherman’s Wharf at 2500 Mason Street in San Francisco, and strut your fiercest walk. The audition is tomorrow (Tuesday) only, from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m., so you better work it, girl.

Oh, and you have to clear 5’7″, and we’re not talking about in Vivienne Westwood stilts either.

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