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The Pink Has Hit the Fan: Massive Rally Ensues at Berkeley City Hall

Posted By Patrici Flores On Feb 12, 2008 @ 11:42 am In News | Comments Disabled

In today’s Daily Cal article on the Code Pink free speech nonsense [1], Councilmember Gordon Wozniak states: “We’ve had many contentious meetings and we’ve never had any problems. People in Berkeley tend to pretty much agree to adhere to nonviolence.”

He is, of course, talking about the monster rally that is currently brewing outside Berkeley City Hall, where a mass of polarized protesters awaits the start of this evening’s City Council meeting. The council will decide tonight whether they want to take back their infamous “unwelcome and uninvited intruders” statement against the Marine Corps recruitment center on Shattuck Avenue, which caused an angry ruckus across the nation. But despite Wozniak’s assurance of a peaceful political rally, Cat Moy–a source for conservative blogger Michelle Malkin [2]–has already witnessed “mayhem” go down on Martin Luther King, Jr. Way.

Berkeley erupted in violence Tuesday morning when the Communist, terrorist-supporting anti-war group crossed into Martin Luther King Park and assaulted pro-troop individuals. Riot police stood by, but did not stop the assaults. Police agencies did not respond to calls for help.

Don’t make us separate you two! OK, so the police eventually did [3]–designating places for protesters to commence with their respective whining, in peace. Cat Moy continues:

Code Pink was permitted for across the street. The two sides were to stay separated, according to rules laid down by the city. But the city has a history of giving Code Pink special preference.

Aww, did poor Move America Forward get the ugly part of the road? If it makes MAF feel better–most of the streets in Berkeley already suck big time because the City Council prefers to spend its transportation discussions on inane crap like, say, giving parking spots to radical groups.

Both Code Pink and Move American Forward plan on bitching nonstop until the council meets at 7 p.m., biding their time by straying into the other side’s territory for a good, old-fashioned brawl.

At this point, the Clog doesn’t really care what happens at the City Council meeting. Rewrite the statement for all we care–what’s said is said. As long as the council doesn’t give Sen. Jim DeMint an actual reason to unfairly deny our funding [4], we’ll be fine.

In fact, while the rally continues we’ll be copping a free pancake at IHOP in honor of National Pancake Day [5]. You should, too. Pancakes for Peace!

Image Source: Patrici Flores

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