As we rushed into Dwinelle Hall earlier today, we couldn’t help but notice a certain cookie-worthy pearl of wisdom emblazoned boldly in barely-visible chalk on one of the front pillars. Some radical graffiti artist believes that “you are not your grades.”

We actually noticed the same thing written on the ground somewhere in the vicinity of Durant Hall. Maybe some anonymous luminary is campaigning to make Berkeley students less GPA-obsessed. Or maybe–could it be? Someone’s bitter …

In any case, whoever it was should have probably started with the pavement in front of Evans Hall, rather than the seething humanities hippie haven of Dwinelle. Except, we forgot to mention that even the supposed free-spirits running around South Campus are generally grade whores. Sorry to disappoint you Mr. or Ms. “You are not your grades,” but getting Cal kids to care less about their grades would be like Britney Spears’ kids turning out psychologically stable. It ain’t never gonna happen.


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