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Hey Hey, Ho Ho: The MRC Protest Saga Continues

Posted By Patrici Flores On Feb 16, 2008 @ 1:20 pm In News | Comments Disabled

dsc_0085.JPG Like 4-year-olds with paper cuts, extremist groups are experts at exaggerating distress. Code Pink and World Can’t Wait — Drive Out the Bush Regime, for instance, like to throw around accusations of “police brutality,” [1] whenever the 5-0 does anything that interferes with their mission–even if said cops are simply standing there like a stoic Royal Guard [2] (one that got paid about $93,000 in overtime for Tuesday’s rally, according to the San Francisco Chronicle [3].)

It’s no surprise, then, that these passionate Berkeley super-liberals are usually brushed off as “the extremist groups that cried wolf.” Actually, they pretty much get brushed off, period.

They also get brushed off the sidewalks.

The big rally at the Berkeley City Hall may be over, but protesting at the Shattuck Avenue U.S. Marine Corps recruiting center continues. At around 4:00 p.m. yesterday, the Clog followed the yellow brick helicopter and happened upon a lively protest on Shattuck Square. There, World Can’t Wait supporters inundated the sidewalks and spilled into the street in an explosion of signs and orange. The only problem: the group had way exceeded their permit, which runs from 10-2 p.m. Police with helmets promptly swooped in, closed off the road and swept through the crowd like a game of dominoes.

dsc_0087-1.JPG dsc_0088-1.JPG

“You’re not going to see this on the news tonight!” yelled a few protesters. Many were forcefully removed from the sidewalk after resisting police orders. “The media doesn’t like to show this part! Police brutality!”


The cops were mean, yes (they snapped at us to get off the sidewalk as we took photos), but as for living up to the legal meaning of police brutality [4], they were in the safe zone.

Excessive force is not subject to a precise definition, but it is generally beyond the force a reasonable and prudent law enforcement officer would use under the circumstances.

We didn’t see any club-thrashing, taser free-for-alls, serious injuries or arrests. We advise the protesters to save their accusations for actual brutal incidents, or–well–you know what happened to Aesop’s shepherd boy.

By the way, protesters-who-complained-about-media-selectivity, we did see about 10 seconds of the police raid last night on the media of all medias: the 11 o’clock news. To be fair, though, it was near the end of the newscast. We hear the national crickets chirping already.

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