Another angle of ridiculousness has emerged in what seems to be the oaks story of 2008: The U.S. Senate might get involved in the mess of the Marine Recruitment Center after the infamous words “unwelcome intruders” were heard ’round the bay and from coast to coast.

Senator Jim DeMint (South Carolina – R) will introduce a proposal to snatch Berkeley’s more-than $2.1 million in federal earmarks and transfer the sum to the Marine Corps instead. That’s a bitchslap if we’ve ever seen one.

The senator is ready to show Berkeley a thing or two about national pride. DeMint told the Chron:

This particular case became the business of the American people when the city of Berkeley insulted our troops and their constitutional mission to defend our country, while still coming to the federal government asking for special taxpayer-funded handouts.

But fear not, Code Pinkers and the World Can’t Wait crew and independent protesters! You may still be yelling and dancing and screaming police brutality outside the center, but you won’t see any of that money go to the Marine Corps. The bill looks dead on arrival, as it’s unlikely any lawmaker would want to cut another lawmaker’s earmarks.

Plus, Senator Barbara Boxer (California – D) totally has your back. Well, she didn’t agree with the initial decision of the City Council … but she also told DeMint he was a tool, in not so many words:

she noted that DeMint is ignoring the latest developments: The council voted 7-2 Wednesday not to send the letter, while restating its opposition to the war and refusing to apologize.

“You would think Sen. DeMint would be very glad of that,” she said. “He’s not. He’s still angry and he is still wanting to fight the battle of a couple weeks ago.”

Oh snap. Right back at ya, Sen. DeMint. You heard her: Just leave our Berkeley alone!

Image Source: Patrici Flores
New front in Berkeley-Marines war: U.S. Senate [SF Chron]
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slims said:
Feb 16, 2008 at 9:15 pm

Of course, that’s not the real story.

THE REAL STORY (at least for the Daily Cal) should be that of the $2.1 million dollar earmark that is proposed for cuts, $975,000 was supposed to go to UC Berkeley, not the city.

“Another earmark would spend $975,000 in taxpayer dollars for the University of California in Berkeley Matsui Center for Politics and Public Service, to create a new endowment and cataloging the papers of Congressman Robert Matsui.”

If someone can tell me what the campus did to deserve this, please let me know.

ritron said:
Feb 17, 2008 at 1:01 am

We forgot to secede from the city.
Viva la revolucion!

elvin thornton said:
Feb 18, 2008 at 11:36 am

Would someone tell me what percentage of the population of the City of Berkeley supports the actions taken by the councelpersons in regards to the Marine Corps Recruting Office Incident? If unknown, your guess will do.

MondegreenMom said:
Feb 21, 2008 at 12:12 pm

The number supporting the Council is lower than the Council seemed to think.

There are a lot of people in Berkeley who have been too quiet, and a few who have been too vocal. The support I’ve heard from people I’ve asked spans a wide range of the city politically — regardless your view of the war, its possible to believe the Council exceeded their authority and behaved poorly in trying to make policy out of personal preferences.

As Betty Olds said (between the two votes) she’d heard more from her district in two weeks than ever before — and most of them were really mad.

I’m helping to start a group in support of the Marines staying in Berkeley, email [email protected] for information.

MondegreenMom said:
Feb 21, 2008 at 12:21 pm

And as for Barbara Boxer – does she know the Council has not backed down on their preferential treatment of Code PINK OR their call for people to interfere or impede the Marines by any non-violent methods? I initially thought they’d said any LEGAL methods, but they didn’t. They specified non-violent. Shame on them. Code PINK was not impeding, just annoying…but now things are ratcheting up.

This means World Can’t Wait! Was doing the bidding of the Berkeley City Council when they chained themselves to the USMC Office doors, and most recently blocked sidewalks and spilled into the streets, and violated sound permits. No wonder the Police looked passive and confused.

What was the City Council thinking? What ARE they thinking???