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Before the Rain, Grove Gets Stinky

Posted By Christine Borden On Feb 19, 2008 @ 8:49 pm In News | Comments Disabled

Today, UC Berkeley figuratively pissed in the tree-sitters’ pimp cup, or more literally, kicked their “shitbucket” [1] to the ground. The UC police hired an arborist to cut down ropes and dismantle [2] some of the hood still up in the oak grove, angering the hardcore Oakers.

UCPD claimed it was early spring cleaning, but the other side tried to call them out on that one, according to the Daily Cal:

Tree-sit supporters said the campus chose to remove the supplies this morning because the tree-sitters would not have shelter in today’s rain.

Hmm, is the UCPD that diabolical? Perhaps, but the tree-people did survive that winter break storm with X mph winds. They’re a sturdy bunch.

The Daily Cal had also had a choice detail about the “putrid smell” of a human waste bucket, though the Chron preferred to leave that detail alone. Or maybe not:

“They cut a s- bucket and it fell to the ground and exploded,” said Erik Eisenberg, 39, a leader of the tree-sitters’ ground crew who goes by the name Ayr. “They’ve made things less safe and less sanitary. All they’re trying to do is harass and intimidate us.”

(Side note: What gives ratting out on Ayr’s real name?)

The Berkeley blogosphere (and its ex-pat [3]) has opined on this movement, from make-like-the-trees-you’re-in-and-leave-already [4] to you-know-this-will-never-end [5]. The Clog, in true fashion, is excited for any tree news to happen, but now we have to do some serious soul-searching.

C’mon, we can’t be the only ones thinking:

Where will the treesters poop now?

Image Source: Anna Hiatt, Daily Cal
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