oh, vanityOoh, look, the Daily Cal site is all pretty! The redesign, which was in the making for a few semesters, is finally up. We love the design, but the search function is still a little wonky–you can look for articles by specific writers but not by keywords.

Thoughts, anyone?

And speaking of pretty sites, we got a tip from Yaman Salahi via Facebook today concerning his own web design:

I thought you might like to check out the new CalSERVE website that I spent the better half of Spring Break working on. For full disclosure purposes: I am the webmaster as well as one of the party coordinators this semester, so by no means am I an “impartial observer” though I’d like to think I’m not wack. It’s at www.calserve.org. I’m not going to lie, I think it’s the best campus party website so far and I think it blows Student Action’s site out of the water.

Does CalSERVE’s site kick more ass and take more names than that of Student Action? We think only Beetle would really care in this matter.

Image Source: Madfox under Creative Commons
Daily Cal [Website]
CalSERVE [Website]
Student Action [Website]


U.S. News releases its yearly university rankings. Everyone tries not to care. The magazine issue flies off racks anyway.

Incestuous bit-point ranking tussles among the top Ivies be damned, the Clog’s more interested in how our own university did in this year’s grad school lists, which follow after the jump. read more »

platopainting.jpgYou know how everyone’s always thought that Thomas Edison–famous inventor the lightbulb, the phonograph, the immortal soul, etc.–was the first person to record sound? Well, it turns out that’s just a pack of dirty lies perpetuated by the victors of history–maybe.

While it’s true that Edison did, in fact, invent the phonograph, the first machine to both record sound and reproduce it as sound, it was a rightfully spiteful Parisian typesetter by the name of Edouard-Leon Scott de Martinville who was the first guy to record sound at all, if only as a visual representation in lines and squiggles. Finally, after searching for years for the original gift of sound and vision, an American audio historian, David Giovannoni, recently got a hold of a “pristine” one of these phonautograms, apparently the audio equivalent of the “holy grail.” read more »

Mark your calendars: Jamba Juice will serve free “breakfast” on Apr. 8, or so says a Facebook event we happened upon. (Jamba Juice site has no mention of any event.) The event runs from 6 a.m. to roughly 10 a.m., and the smoothiers will specifically promote the new breakfast line, as described below.

Juice Blends
* Orange Carrot Banana
* Orange Mango Passion

Yogurt Blends
* Sunrise Strawberry: your typical strawberry and bananas (how is this different from the usual standard?)
* Bright-eyed and Blueberry: strawberries and blueberries

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Berkeley’s kicking ass and taking names. In recent months, the city’s ramped up its enviro-friendly ordinances by nailing businessmen for polluting the fair waters of our creeks and gutters. The latest to be hauled off to jail, Frank Ghahyaz, owns and operates Jetco Motors on 5th Street. According to one press release, Ghahyaz lets motor oil seep into storm drains, indulges in illegal transportation and disposal of hazardous waste, and eats babies. read more »

skater.jpgRemember this guy? That’s funny … so do we!

Apparently, the Clog is fast becoming a veritable “Before they Were Stars” source for Berkeley’s street peeps and protesters.

Case in point: Mute Musical on Wheels guy (as we’ll henceforth refer to him) showing up not just in any ol’ Times, but THE New York Times. OK, so maybe he appeared in an online piece in the Travel section, but, hey, it’s still pretty darn high profile.

Aw, don’t they climb up the journalistic ladder so fast? Seems like just yesterday that Mute Musical on Wheels guy was featured right here on the Clog, alongside Jeeves, our “chauffeur,” back when we were pretty much the only ones who covered Code Pink. Go get ‘em (appropriately orange-clad), tiger! read more »

For you, YudofShocker (not)! Mark Yudof will replace previous UC president Robert Dynes, who sailed through some rough water a while back. Yudof boasts skillz in mastering public high education systems, including University of Texas and University of Minnesota. Now he’s playing with the big boys.

The Chron reports that

he called UC the “premier public university system in the world” and said, “There’s no better job in higher education in America.”

Aw, shucks. But it’s not all rainbows and kittens, we assure you.

Yudof will inherit a large system facing some financial strain from the state, and it seems the UC Board of Regents will bank on Yudof to pull some money out of his ass. He’s a charmer, so it’s said, and this won’t be his first time trying to fill up a piggy bank. Let’s just hope it doesn’t come from our pockets.

Image Source: Badseed under Creative Commons
Yudof hired as new UC president; base pay set at $591,000 [SF Chron]
Regents Appoint Next UC President [Daily Cal]
Presumptive UC president knows lean times for higher education [SF Chron]

crying.jpg Many of us know what it feels like to be tortured via the throes of anticipation. We waited anxiously for Cal Football to reign as No. 1 last semester, but the moment never came. We cried tears of sweet closure when the last installment of Harry Potter reached our eager hands.

Still, none of that compares to the emotional turmoil that arrives in many student mailboxes across the country today. Yes, it’s that time of year again–the day many high school seniors open a long-awaited letter from the UC Berkeley admissions department (or, rather, log into the myBerkeleyApplication portal at 5 p.m PST for quicker results).

One glance at College Confidential, a message board consisting largely of soccer moms and stressed out overachievers, and you can get a sense of the agony. Some are even accusing admissions of an e-mail conspiracy after their “suspicious” and “cruelly worded” letter announced the release of acceptances on Mar. 27. The letter proclaims, “Thank you for your patience: We’re worth the wait!” Cruel, indeed.

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If only it was finals season–perhaps then we’d have a proper reason to down unhealthy amounts of caffeine this weekend. From Mar. 28-31, the Gaia Arts Center will host the 2008 Western Regional Barista Competition to see which California or Hawaii pros can brew the most outstanding cup o’ joe under massive pressure. And if you didn’t catch the hint–yes, there will be free coffee and espresso, compliments of regional roasters who want to show off their skills.

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After discovering the latest omen of the world’s coming demise, the Clog encourages Berkeley students to put down their books and enjoy their short-lived time on earth.


Spring has clearly sprung in the courtyard of Unit 2–and probably Unit 1, since it has the exact same set-up as Unit 2. Woo, individuality. It came one March day in the form of blossoms on the trees–trees the world dismissed as generic, and not really worth commenting on. read more »

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