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‘The Daily Show’ Makes Fun of Code Pink, Students Wonder How They Missed Rob Riggle

Posted By Jill Cowan On Mar 10, 2008 @ 9:13 pm In Sandbox | Comments Disabled

stanne2000pinkpeep.jpg [1]Score one for Berkeley–well, kind of. Earlier this evening, everyone’s favorite “fake” news show [2] (unless, of course, you prefer “The Colbert Report”) featured a segment in which “correspondent” (and ex-Marine) Rob Riggle visited our fair city and skewered Code Pink.

We thought it was pretty funny. But, come on, we’re college students. Jon Stewart is for us what Stephen Colbert is for college students–without him, we wouldn’t have any idea what’s going on. Naturally, we’re a bit biased. We want to keep our coverage fair and balanced, so we’ve compiled a short, completely objective pros and cons list.

EDIT: Daily Show clip after the jump!

Pros of Code Pink on “The Daily Show”
1. Sproul Plaza was, like, totally on TV.
2. It was really funny.
3. It put Berkeley in the national spotlight.

Cons of Code Pink on “The Daily Show”
1. Code Pink is sort of old news [3]. We’ve been covering the Marine Recruiting Center “clusterf*ck” for months, now.
2. It put Berkeley in the national spotlight–for its crazies …
3. It made Code Pink look stupid. (Note: This fact is included on the “Cons” list not because it’s wrong to ridicule Code Pink, but because it’s such a cheap shot. Honestly, Comedy Central. Y’all are professionals. “The Daily Show” crazifying Code Pink is like The Clog making really terrible analogies–it’s just so easy.)

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Earlier: Code Pink is the New Fascism [3]

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