asuc athonHence, the return of the hideous graphic font to the right. The Berkeley blogosphere is suddenly abuzz with the sound of ASUC elections campaigning, and the Clog’s almost ready to join the fun and get on the elections train for the rest of the semester. How will we ever keep up with this, Code Pink and Fresh all at once? We need more manpower. Hint, hint.

  • The first sign of elections season is the explosion of Student Action flyers. The California Patriot Blog has an interesting review about the relevance of Student Action’s “DONE” claims. Essentially, the flyers should probably read: DONE (Three Years Ago).
  • The executive slate announcements for each party are trickling in! Today’s Daily Cal announces the CalSERVE executive slate. An anti-CalSERVE blog, CalSUCK, was created surprisingly quickly, demonstrating how many of us bloggers are willing to abandon real life to cover the campaign.
  • Thanks to Beetle’s extensive coverage on all things ASUC, the Clog is now aware of the existence of an Elected Officials Blog. The blog is webmastered by another Berkeley blogger, Yaman. Oh, and speaking of Fresh–SQUELCH! Senator Gabe Weiner writes the blog’s first contentious post, which concerns our cute, little tree-sitter. And it’s directed against slated CalSERVE presidential candidate, Roxanne Winston.
  • An anonymous commenter on a recent post of Beetle’s confirms the presence of a Senate webcam. Why didn’t we hear of this sooner? Well, we assume both the webcam and blog are in their beta testing stages, which should temporarily explain the ASUC’s lack of transparency in their attempts at transparency.
  • CalSERVE Announces Slate and SA gets it DONE [California Patriot]
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    Earlier: Done: Student Action Acts First

    anon said:
    Mar 12, 2008 at 10:23 am

    that webcam has been there since last year. All they had to do was take advantage of it…which they didn’t even do until NOW with barely any time left. Also apparently there is no sound. It’s useless.

    yaman said:
    Mar 12, 2008 at 12:50 pm

    As the person who helped put the blog up under Taylor Allbright’s instruction, I am already embarrassed that instead of serving its purpose as being an open forum for Senators and other Execs to discuss bills and other campus issues with students, it is becoming nothing more than a soapbox for irate senators.

    My comment responding to Gabe Weiner’s post on the bill I helped co-author was censored and removed by Weiner this morning. If students aren’t even allowed to post comments that disagree with the blog author, I don’t see the point for the blog–I didn’t want to help set up a place for Senators and Execs to masturbate themselves, I wanted to set up a place that had the potential for engagement.

    Here is the comment that Weiner couldn’t handle:

    “Well, that’s the Karl Rove version of the bill.

    Actually, the bill does not support tree-sitting. To the contrary, it supports finding an end to the protest that is amenable to the concerns of the University, the student body, as well as the protester involved.

    If UCPD had not immediately descended upon the tree with officers stationed there 24 hours a day, it is likely that the protester would have left by now. Continued police action and a super-dramatic police line around the tree only serve to encourage such actions because protesters are almost guaranteed a spotlight.

    The truth is, the protester is not obstructing anybody’s way or putting anybody in danger. The choice to make a crime scene out of the protest is purely the police’s, and it is not a necessary one at that.

    Because this decision is artificial at best, and based in abstractions that appear to be blinding you to the pragmatic solution here, neither the University nor the protester have anything to lose by bringing this protest to an end. Since the University has already shown its incompetence in handling this situation, it is up to students to try their hand at ending the crisis.

    Rather than correct each of your distortions, I would encourage people to read the bill for themselves by viewing the Agenda Packet for Week 8 by clicking here. I will say this however: while you may view the audience with the ASUC as a reward, the reality is that this clause encourages students to utilize the ASUC as a viable institution through which they can channel their calls for reform of the University. There, the protester will have an opportunity to make his case to student leaders–something which his current actions do not have the potential of doing.

    Finally, your post is so seething with hatred that it brings to question what exactly your prejudices are against this senator. The fact that you have opted to make a smear campaign out of this bill–directed to only one of the Senators who supports it–comes at the cost of finding a solution to the problem.

    The solution in this bill is the most reasonable option at this point for anybody who is interested in actually moving past this episode. Within one day, Senators Shams, Du’ong, Jackson, Kuo, and Winston have agreed to become co-sponsors because they recognize this fact. I think students would actually support this bill because unlike anything anybody else, including yourself, has suggested, it actually provides a way out and forward.”

    yaman said:
    Mar 12, 2008 at 1:24 pm

    Responding to anon: since I am one of the people involved in the hectic back and forth between us in EVP’s office, the Auxiliary, past administrations & webmasters, I know that the process of getting this webcam operational has been ongoing since last October. It has been in testing for 2 weeks, and broke down last week but was fixed yesterday.

    Audio is currently being pursued but in the meantime there is information about the senate meeting below the image, which is updated through an easy-to-use interface by the chair or vice-chair. I know it is politically convenient at this point to belittle the enormous effort people have put into this for the past several months (I am personally annoyed by this), but that is the way things have been going: roadblock after roadblock.

    By the way, the webcam 2 years ago previously worked only on Internet Explorer on Windows because it ran on ActiveX. Now, it works for all platforms that support Java.

    All in all, though, the webcam is not a pivotal issue. It’s funny that the same people who say it doesn’t matter are the ones devoting their energy to proving that it doesn’t matter. I wouldn’t be surprised if they were people in the ASUC (because honestly, at this point, nobody else cares about these petty squabbles).

    Beetle said:
    Mar 12, 2008 at 1:58 pm

    Don’t dehumanize me!