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And Then There Were Elections

Posted By Patrici Flores On Mar 12, 2008 @ 10:12 am In Sandbox | Comments Disabled

asuc athonHence, the return of the hideous graphic font to the right. The Berkeley blogosphere is suddenly abuzz with the sound of ASUC elections campaigning, and the Clog’s almost ready to join the fun and get on the elections train for the rest of the semester. How will we ever keep up with this, Code Pink and Fresh all at once? We need more manpower. Hint, hint [1].

  • The first sign of elections season is the explosion of Student Action flyers [2]. The California Patriot Blog [3] has an interesting review about the relevance of Student Action’s “DONE” claims. Essentially, the flyers should probably read: DONE (Three Years Ago).
  • The executive slate announcements for each party are trickling in! Today’s Daily Cal announces the CalSERVE executive slate [4]. An anti-CalSERVE blog, CalSUCK [5], was created surprisingly quickly, demonstrating how many of us bloggers are willing to abandon real life to cover the campaign.
  • Thanks to Beetle’s extensive coverage [6] on all things ASUC, the Clog is now aware of the existence of an Elected Officials Blog [7]. The blog is webmastered by another Berkeley blogger, Yaman [8]. Oh, and speaking of Fresh–SQUELCH! Senator Gabe Weiner writes the blog’s first contentious post [9], which concerns our cute, little tree-sitter. And it’s directed against slated CalSERVE presidential candidate, Roxanne Winston [9].
  • An anonymous commenter on a recent post of Beetle’s confirms the presence of a Senate webcam [10]. Why didn’t we hear of this sooner? Well, we assume both the webcam and blog are in their beta testing stages, which should temporarily explain the ASUC’s lack of transparency in their attempts at transparency.
  • CalSERVE Announces Slate and SA gets it DONE [California Patriot [3]]
    CalSERVE Executive Slate Candidates Announced [Daily Cal [4]]
    CalSUCK [Web Site [11]]
    Beetle Beat [Website [12]]
    ASUC Elected Officials Blog [Website [7]]
    Yaman’s Amateur Ramblings [Website [8]]
    Earlier: Done: Student Action Acts First [2]

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