The next time you’re schmoozing with friends at the Clog’s highest rated pizza parlor, check out the Guinness you’re chugging. Tastes like it was drawn from a keg? Well, it wasn’t. It came from a can.

Discerning imbibers of beer will holler in outrage, but Guinness’s new tinker toy, the “Surger”- a tiny metal device, with an upraised platform that’s just the right fit for a glass- has the capability to magic plain ol’ canned beer into keg beer by injecting it with, uh, ultrasonic soundwaves. Or something. The agitation this causes among the hapless nitrogen molecules results in a churning of the beer, and eventually the perfect, trademark head and its accompanying creamy mouthfeel. Cool? Contra Costa Times staff writer William Brand says to check for the Surger at smaller pubs around the Bay Area in the upcoming month, because bartenders find it cool, too.

And in case you were wondering, we realized we’ve been at Berkeley too long around the time we started describing beer in terms of its nitrogen molecule content. Thanks, we’ll be here all week.

Image: Conrad Nutschan under Wikimedia Commons
What’s on Tap: Guinness in a can can be as good as tap [Contra Costa Times]


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