After the ASUC Judicial Council certified the election results and the Senate meeting announced names, the winners should now be official (though minutes are not up yet). No one dropped, no one was disqualified. What a snoozer!

Need a refresher on the preliminary results? Ho-hum. Back to your work, kiddos.

ASUC Judicial Council Certifies Preliminary Elections Results [Daily Cal]
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Now would be a good time for a NOM NOM NOM joke.

Not nearly as cuddly as you’d think.

Well, damn.  You’d think that those pristine examples of luxury we know as Berkeley’s residential apartment units were actually good for cleanliness and decent standards of living.  But according to a Daily Cal article released earlier today, creepy-crawlies have been bedding down in units near Clark Kerr since as early as March, pun intended.  read more »

I'm with stupid.Admit it: you wouldn’t mind surfing Facebook, Myspace and Livejournal all day and then writing a doorstopper about socialization in the digital age for your doctoral dissertation, earning you a hefty degree and no discernably marketable job skills to go with it. That’s what we call uni, folks.

In the geekiest venture since the invention of fantasy sports, Internet nerds researched and wrote about Internet nerds, and all of them got together and had a party this past week at Stanford University. As far as we can discern from the report, the public forum on “New Media in the Everyday Lives of Youth” has the following to tell us about our screensucking, l33tsp33k-ing ways: read more »

Like a Clogger recently said, Berkeley just loves congratulating itself on green superiority. Actually, we tend to congratulate ourselves on our superiority in general. The Berkeley History Center’s newest exhibit, “Berkeley, a City of Firsts,” is the latest museum research collection to do just that–laying history out for us as proof that Berkeley’s willingness to be crazy and innovative is a good thing.

Here are a few things that appear on the “Berkeley’s got it, so now we’re gonna flaunt it,” timeline:

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We have ice cream in our eyes, on our brain, and now we’re ready to get it in our bellies. Tuesday marks Ben & Jerry’s celebrated Free Cone Day, a verifiable cream dream. The store on Oxford Street would be your best bet to snag a scoop anytime between 12 p.m. and 8 p.m.

If after Ben and Jerry’s you’re still not satisfied with your frozen freebie, Cold Stone is another option. The mix-in creamery offers free servings on your birthday–if you subscribe to their list/club. Eight ounces of a Signature Creation in exchange for an inbox of promo e-mails? Oh, it’s such a joy to be a summer baby.

And not to be out done, there’s Ici. No, there’s no giveaway there, but we do hear that milkshakes will occasionally make appearances as daily specials. It’s like the world of ice cream wants us to eat it all up (or slurp it down).

Image Source: Amy the Nurse under Creative Commons
Ben&Jerry’s 30th annual FREE CONE DAY! [Facebook]
Cold Stone Creamery Birthday Club [Cold Stone]

Mon Dieu!

There are plenty of cafes around Berkeley, and everybody’s got their favorite sandwich place. But if you’re hunkering for a little haute cuisine in your ham and cheese, then it’s Gregoire for lunch for you.

Across from Elephant Pharmacy, Gregoire’s little joint serves lunch and dinner, but the sandwiches are the real draw. It serves up organic fare done in French style, and the menu changes monthly. What do we recommend for April? Well, the poached sole was like butta.

Oh, and don’t forget to order a side of potato puffs–fried potato balls with mashed potato inside. They’re a meal in themselves.

Location: 2109 Cedar Street, walking distance from campus
Price: Ranges from $6-$8 for a sandwich (comes with small salad du jour)
Notes: You can call ahead and pick up your order.

Image Source: ImipolexG under Creative Commons
Gregoire [Web site]
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Pound it, bro!After discovering the latest omen of the world’s coming demise, the Clog encourages Berkeley students to put down their books and enjoy their short-lived time on earth

A group of Bay Area College Republicans finally found something Republicans decided was worth protesting. Friday night, they showed up on the mean streets of San Jose to revolt against none other than–a beer tax. Yeah, we know, right?

The proposal (not yet drafted, by the way) would be designed to sort of, indirectly-ish, combat underage drinking, save the state lots of money on bad things that are related to underage drinking (i.e. car crashes) by taxing beer manufacturers, and in effect, making a six pack o’ brewskies almost $2.00 more expensive. Assembleyman Jim Beall cited studies that showed drinking among college students as a “real health problem.” Gee, well when you put it that way … read more »

Twins are yummy.Googling yourself isn’t always a pathetic, procrastinatory endeavor. Case in point: the Clog’s just discovered that it was separated at birth. Our twin‘s all growed up and moved to Philadelphia, where it covers arts, sports, news and the import of Peruvian llamas for the city newspaper. Hot.

Did our predecessors ever have a debate about the relative merits of “clog” as a noun, versus “clog” as a verb? Because waddaya know, the Philadelphia Clog totally has a more charming header than us.

Oh, and plus five in the brownie points column for the posts about Lost. Some of us are incurable fangirls like that.

Image Source: icandream under Creative Commons
The Clog [Philadelphia City Paper]

Conga mayhem.The Bay Area National Dance Week kicked off yesterday with conga dancing in downtown San Francisco. We hear the public conga line, which took place in Union Square, wasn’t much of a success — despite the encouragement of an entire brass band and a host of wiggling, jiggling go-go dancers. For a conga line that aspired to be the West Coast’s longest, participation peaked at about a couple dozen dancers. Aw, shucks.

The event still has about 300 other chances to redeem itself. Through this weekend and the next week, about 2,500 dance artists and 20,000 members of the public are expected to participate in 300 events. Reportedly, the list of free classes include “Alexander Technique, capoeira, classical Indian dance, contra dance, embodied presence, Feldenkrais, hip-hop, hula, improvisational dance, salsa, same-sex partner dancing, tango, tap and tribal belly dance.” For those in your general vicinity, check out the list after the jump. read more »

You’re probably familiar with on-screen MILF lover, stoner and Sulu, John Cho–he graduated from UC Berkeley a while back. OMG, right? Clogger and arts writer, Christine Borden, recently had good times with Cho and the writers of today’s release, “Harold & Kumar Escape from Guantanamo Bay.” The Chron also had their own interview. What is the difference between the two? Well, when the San Francisco Chronicle interviews John Cho, they just have to mention his alma mater–like, three hundred times.

We won’t lie, though. We love it when alumni get famous, too–it means we nerds do have a chance at sweet stardom!

Here’s the Chron’s very first question, getting straight to the point:
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