Oh Berkeley campus, you really do know what turns students on. We could care less about your long, tall trees (or who’s sitting in them.) Your sexily schizoid architecture? Meh. Your scent? A grassy musk at best. Even the great phallic Campanile seems a bit too forward at times. No, what we’re really interested in is your lamppost banners, and nothing says “This is an awesome school and everyone who goes here loves it,” like big signs that say “This is an awesome school and everyone who goes here loves it.” Well, in so many words, of course.

clog-stuff-064.jpgIn the not-so-off chance that lately, when you walk to class, you devote your entire capacity for sensation to the avoidance of ASUC hopefuls who all want just a minute of your time, and you haven’t noticed the new banners gracing the lampposts around campus, we’d like to point them out at this time. Just keep an eye out for artsy black-and-white portraits of Cal students with their cliche reasons for absolutely loving Berkeley scrawled on top–and in their very own handwriting, too.

We hear that the San Francisco-based photographer, Christopher Irion, who took the portraits back in January, was back for more earlier today. He’ll set up his “PhotoBooth” again tomorrow on Dwinelle Plaza “to capture the campus’s diversity in images and words,” for “a 72-foot-long community ‘billboard’ — to be unveiled on campus next fall.” Wow. 72 feet–that’s a lot of diversity.

All this hullabaloo is supposedly to honor Cal’s big 140th, but we don’t think it’s just a coincidence that all the banners happened to magically appear perfectly in time for Cal Day, that much-hyped event, during which our fair campus is inundated with thousands of impressionable new admits.

clog-stuff-067.jpgOh, and here’s one more heads up for you: they’re giving out cupcakes tomorrow on Sproul Plaza from noon to 1:30 p.m. Be there, or be, um, without a cupcake …

Image Source: Jill Cowan
Free PhotoBooth “School Portraits” Will Capture Cal’s Diversity [UC Berkeley News Center]
Cal Day [Website]

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