LAWLZThe new Heuristic Squelch is out this week, and the comedic team will pass out issues from chair central near Sather Gate. We feel especially inclined to mention this after one Squelch-er told us we had a nice dress. That’s how it’s done.

Our favorite part of the issue has to be the back cover, which spoofs the silly, embarrassing banners outside of Dwinelle Hall. Good game. And, in light of recent silence on the tree-front, we’d also recommend one of the news flashes, “Protestors Plan Tree-Sitters Sit”:

“First the University wanted to remove trees, so we had to protest by sitting in trees. Now the University wants to remove tree-sitters, so we have to protest by sitting on the tree-sitters already in the trees. It’s the next logical progression,” said Save The Oaks organizer Robert Larson, struggling to balance atop a fat man.

Jeez, don’t give them any more ideas.

Wizard of Oswald Vol. 17 Issue 5 [Squelch]


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