What will you do this summer? While we write papers for summer class, fetch coffee at our hip, new internship, or sip liquor by the seashore in Costa Rica–plenty of our peers will rival our fun by having summers of adventure and excitement.

16-year-old Delia Salomon–a sophomore from Berkeley High–is probably somewhere in the San Francisco Bay right now. She’s prepping for her swim across the English Channel, which takes place in August. According to the Chron, a swim across the channel is “a feat so rigorous that more people have reached the summit of Mount Everest than have swum to the shores of France.”

Yeah, we know. Salomon totally makes the rest of our summers look wack. But wait until you see what the “Rickshaw Riders” are up to: read more »

Watch real chalk artists (and amateurs) give ASUC campaign chalkers a run for their money this Saturday from 10-5 p.m. when the Gourmet Ghetto hosts the Berkeley Chocolate and Chalk Art Festival!

Are you an artist? Blow up North Shattuck with your supreme dusting skills by signing up at the same-day registration booths, located at 1451, 1607 and 1752 North Shattuck Avenue. Artist’s chalk may be provided to you, as well … for a fee.

For another fee of $10, you get 10 tickets to spend on samples of uniquely tasty goodies like chocolate garlic clusters and spicy chocolate tandoori chicken.

The Clog will try to catch the excitement before work, so look forward to some photos and some very satisfied taste buds. If you miss it, no worries. The sidewalk art will stay around about as long as the ASUC campain chalking did–forever.

Image Source: Chad Carpenter under Creative Commons
Gourmet Ghetto [Website]

Apparently, the east coast really is that far away. This week The New Yorker reported on the Fresh-Wheeler tree situation from a more…err…grounded perspective. Focusing on the group of students against Fresh’s tree-sit, the article spanned reactions to the event, including university police chief Victoria Harrison’s e-mail. And then there were some reactions to that.

OK, so let us clarify: Fresh > Students Against Hippies in Trees (which we thought was Students against Hippies in Trees, i.e. “SHIT”) > Harrison’s e-mail > student replies. All artfully done, mind you. This is the New Yorker, a class of writing that will make your bougie panties weep.

We wish we could have seen more replies–after all, Harrison did receive hundreds, according to the article. The New Yorker mentioned a mere pinch: read more »

Apparently, there are throngs less protesters at the Marine recruiting center on Shattuck Avenue, proof that Code Pink and The World Can’t Wait: Drive Out the Bush Regime prefer it when multiple cameras are present. [Mercury News]

Cal grad student Larissa Kelly boosts Cal’s academic reputation by winning lots of money on Jeopardy and setting new records for women on the show. Her current cash total is at $179,797, more than the salaries of all history department alumni combined! [Inside BayArea]

Do you have a relative in Modesto who went to your commencement in Zellerbach Hall? If so, there’s a small chance that they’re a tad bit pissed at the lack of flags onstage to honor America and the state of California. Either that, or someone’s just looking for reasons to hate on “Berserkeley.” [Modesto Bee]

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The Clog returned to our car the other day to find something on our windshield that looked suspiciously like a parking ticket. Fortunately, it was just a message from local serious politician, Zachary RunningWolf.

We find it a tiny bit ironic that someone who fights the Man by not paying his traffic tickets would campaign on car windshields–but anyway, we feel bad about missing out on RunningWolf’s benefit concert at Ashkenaz Music Hall, so to make up for it we’ll give him a space right here on the Clog. Some of his plans for mayor, if elected, are:

  • To “implement car-free areas on our busiest streets such as Telegraph and Shattuck,” and thus, leave us to navigate a maze of one-way streets.

read more »

So Yelp.com and ShopinBerkeley.com argue over the exact location of Berkeley Bagels, but we’re pretty sure this counts as a Berkeley gastro-pilgrimage.

Berkeley Bagels puts Noah’s to shame, and yeah, it’s a long way away from campus, but it’s so worth it. (C’mon, you have a bike, right?) Chewy on the inside, lightly toasted if you like, these bagels come fresh and utterly smothered in shmear.

They’ve got just as much selection as the next bagel shop, but they also offer refreshing beverages like Thai iced tea. So choose your variety, get something tasty to wash it down with and don’t forget the lox.

Location: 1281 Gilman Street, accessible by the 9 bus
Price: A few bucks for the whole deal
Notes: So good it won’t even need a toasting.

Image Source: iirraa under Creative Commons
Berkeley Bagels [Yelp]
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Are you rolling in dough? Do you have so much cash that you don’t even know how to begin spending it?  We thought so. That’s why we were so totally relieved when we heard about Donation Dashboard 1.0, a new website developed by a team comprised of Berkeley Prof Ken Goldberg, and some grad students at Berkeley’s Automation Sciences Lab for the Berkeley Center for New Media.

Basically, the site uses a complex algorithm that we could never hope to properly grasp called Eigentaste to match willing donors who don’t know where to donate their cash-monies with non-profit organizations based on the donors’ ratings of sample organizations and their descriptions. read more »

If all is right in the world, your finals are over, seniors are in the process of wrapping up their respective commencement ceremonies–and now, it’s on with the graduation parties and obligatory Memorial Day weekend barbecues (that is, if you don’t mind grilling in scattered showers).

Welcome to summertime in the bay!

If you’re still here, waiting patiently for Session A to lay its hands on you, don’t waste this small taste of freedom by lounging in your PJ’s. But if you’re not one for grilling in the rain or playing a part in the Memorial Day weekend box office game, here are a few things you can do to make your weekend less mundane.

read more »

OK, so this clip is kinda old, but we figured it would delight all those who already suffered through finals or who are still powering through … so pretty much everyone. Prangstgrup, a merry group of pranksters from Columbia, hit up the library one semester and erupted into song and dance. We think they beat our streakers in enjoyable library disturbances. Or even unenjoyable ones.

Prangstgrup Library Musical – Reading on a Dream PRANK!! [YouTube]
Prangstgrup [Website]

If UC Berkeley was really so technologically ahead of the game, you’d think our main website would be at least kind of up to par with the Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s perfectly uncluttered interface. Currently, it’s not even close. But thanks to our university’s wonderful openness to criticism, you can help change that!

Yep–Berkeley.edu just got its hair did, and it wants you to be honest.

See the beta phase homepage. If you like the more visible News Center links, or hate the idea of a daily featured Berkeley stock photo, feel free to leave your thoughts here.

Something has to keep students coming to this terrible, crime-ridden hell of a No. 2 public institution of higher learning, and it might as well be a spiffy new website!

Image Source: Photoshopped by Patrici Flores
Take a sneak peak at the new UC Berkeley gateway site [NewsCenter]

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