Memorial for Chris Wootton
Soon-to-be Nuclear Engineering graduate and Sigma Pi fraternity member Christopher Wootton was stabbed during an altercation early Saturday morning (Clarification: He was not killed at a party. There were no parties at his fraternity or the nearby sorority). A 20-year-old Berkeley High grad and current Berkeley City College student later allegedly admitted to the stabbing, which occurred in a parking lot near at the Chi Omega Chi sorority.

Aside from mourning a top engineering student who had full-level scholarships offered to him from MIT and UC Santa Barbara, student reactions include voicing other concerns related to yesterday’s stabbing–especially in terms of prevention. The UC Berkeley OTR offers advice on party safety, while the UC Berkeley livejournal community discusses police responsibility and the fact that “Wootton was transported to a hospital in Castro Valley about 20 miles away. Apparently the nearby Oakland trauma center was already full.”

Wootton’s brother, Joshua Wootton, remembers him as “(caring) about people, he was one of the most brilliant people I’ve ever met in my life. He was athletic, good-looking and popular. He was a great leader. He lived every day to the fullest.” The Clog sends our condolences to Wootton’s friends, family, and anyone else affected by this tragedy.

Image Source: Ted Kwong, Daily Cal
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