Entrance into Exhibition

OK, so you know how we mentioned that photography exhibition–Berkeley without Shadow–in the Wurster Hall lobby on Friday evening? We actually ended up going, and it was totally, well, illuminating. Visual Studies 186 students took on unusual angles for looking at Downtown to poignantly portray oft-unnoticed aspects of the city–and we’re not just saying that to shamelessly plug the work of the Clog’s own captain, Patrici Flores, photographing Berkeley’s homeless.

Photographs ran the gamut stylistically, from haunting black and white close-ups of street life to the stark realism of full-color panoramas; from strategically blurred images of the Wells Fargo building, to snapshots of restaurant employees. One burgeoning artist/anthropologist/photojournalist even made the trek to Berkeley High where they shot portraits of students that created some interesting secondary school parallels to various UC Berkeley stereotypes.

Another widely varied aspect of the event was the refreshment, a.k.a. free grub. The $2 wine flowed like wine (for the over-21 set, of course) and the cheese, grapes, baguette and biscotti were seemingly endless. A surprising and tasty addition to the array of usual artsy foodstuffs was dried hibiscus flower. (We sensed Trader Joe in our midst … )

Once we had made the rounds–taking a careful look at each picture, and reading each caption–we bid Patrici (and, incidentally, our Anthropology G.S.I.) farewell. We resisted the urge to grab a bottle of wine and a hunk of cheese for the road (so not classy) and embraced the urge to look at Berkeley with fresh eyes.

See website for photos from the exhibition.

Image Source: Jill Cowan
Berkeley without Shadow [Website]


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