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How To: Be a Good Person

Posted By Jill Cowan On May 25, 2008 @ 4:11 pm In The Specials | Comments Disabled

[1]Are you rolling in dough? Do you have so much cash that you don’t even know how to begin spending it?  We thought so. That’s why we were so totally relieved when we heard about Donation Dashboard [2] 1.0, a new website developed by a team comprised of Berkeley Prof Ken Goldberg, and some grad students at Berkeley’s Automation Sciences Lab for the Berkeley Center for New Media.

Basically, the site uses a complex algorithm that we could never hope to properly grasp called Eigentaste to match willing donors who don’t know where to donate their cash-monies with non-profit organizations based on the donors’ ratings of sample organizations and their descriptions.

For example, if you love guns, and you love shooting guns, you’ll probably rate the NRA highly, and based on how much money you’ve got, Donation Dashboard will create a Donation Portfolio for you, and will also inform you of other organizations you might be interested in. Incidentally, the algorithm, Eigentaste, was originally used for the joke recommendation system/engineers’ April Fool’s Day celebration, Jester [3].

It’s really very simple, and the algorithm works better as more people use the site! So now there’s no excuse for all you guilt-riddled capitalists out there not to donate your vast amounts of money to “good causes” that would ultimately benefit your world vision, anyway. We smell a Facebook application …

Donation Dashboard 1.0 [Website [2]]
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