If you haven’t heard, we expect a ruling tomorrow on that whole tree-sit fiasco in front of Memorial Stadium. Meanwhile, UCPD and university-hired arborists are at work cutting down treewok supplies in hopes of eventually ridding the oaks of their longtime inhabitants. One tree sitter was forcefully extracted today after going Dracula on one of the arborists–yes, she bit him–while other tree peeps retaliate against the “intruders” by throwing bottles of excrement. Classy. Check out the Daily Cal article for a gold mine of hilarious quotes. [Daily Cal]

Kern “Middle-of-Nowhere” County–the home of infamously made-up child abuse hysterias created to instill fear in the masses–recently stopped all marriage ceremonies following the state Supreme Court decision on gay marriage on May 15. The owner of Cafe de la Paz on Shattuck Avenue caught wind of this and is now offering Kern County gay couples the chance to win a free ceremony and reception for 10–on the house. [CBS 5]

The bay’s lovely “Spare the Air” day program is retiring. Enjoy free bus rides all day on Thursday for the very last time–BART, trains and ferries will only be free before noon that day. On the bright side, 1,900 East Bay residents in 20 properties have received free bus passes! [Contra Costa Times]

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