Need groceries? Need mountains of fruit, glistening piles of veggies, arrays of produce you’ve never even seen before? OK, so maybe you don’t need that much, but Berkeley Bowl Marketplace will have that exact type of ruby grapefruit you’re looking for.

Some swear by Trader Joe’s, but if you’re in the market for fresh fruits and veggies, TJ’s ain’t got nothin’ on the Bowl. Always swamped, always hustling with other food lovers, a visit to Berkeley Bowl could be your newest Sunday ritual.

Besides the produce (which probably takes up as much space as a regular TJ’s), the market also has a selection of freshly baked Semifreddi’s bread and cheap wine at the checkout. No two-buck Chuck, but we managed to pick up a four-dollar Romanian beauty.

Location: 2020 Oregon Street, accessible by F bus
Price: Best deal on produce.
Notes: Definitely do not go hungry!

Image Source: Pete Boyd under Creative Commons
Berkeley Bowl Marketplace [Website]
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